DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger becomes VP of 10 bil Dollar Swiss Fonds

DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger has been appointed Vice President of a 10 bil dollar Swiss fonds named Arcofund.

Each day, developed markets analysts publish hundreds of reports; from sector overviews to individual company profiles. It could take an investor week to read all of the reports released in a day and so many go unread. In order to take an advantage over other market participants Sascha Zilger´s Fonds has developed a platform that accesses hundreds of thousands of most relevant sources in a matter of seconds and analyses about 300’000 financial reports and statements for over 10’000 stocks daily.

Target groups are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), means individuals with more than 1 Million US Dollar of investable assets. According to current studies, there are 12 Million HNWI´s worldwide. Altogether they own more than 46,2 Billion investable money. Most HNWIs, namely 3,7 Million, are residents in the Asia-Pacific area and North America.