DC Gala 2017

The Diplomatic Council Gala 2017 Film

The Diplomatic Council´s DC Gala 2017 was ceremoniously opened by Secretary General Hang Nguyen and Founding President Buddhi Athauda. The evening was packed with highlights including H.E. Ambassador Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan inauguration as new DC President, Neven Subotić introduction as new DC member, DC Global Media Innovator awarded to US company Emblematic, DC Information Society Prize for “Home Smartification”, the “Hang Nguyen Love Speech” and a great performance by star pianist Albert Frantz as well as exciting songs from five continents performed by Stefanie Rhein. The DC Gala 2017 film, produced by DC film maker Nana Domena and his team, shows the highlights of this festive evening.

Diplomatic Council

DC Membership in a nutshell

DC Membership Benefits

  • Join a Global Think Tank, a Business Network and a Charity Foundation with just one membership.
  • The Diplomatic Council is the only business network officially accepted by the United Nations.
  • Each DC Member enjoys “DC UN Consultative Status“, which means is a DC consultant 
to the United Nations.
  • Each and every membership application is reviewed by the DC Ambassadors Circle to guarantee highest membership quality.
  • “Member of the Diplomatic Council“ is a title to be proud of and is most useful in business.
  • Each DC Member receives a personalized resp. company-specific seal „DC UN Consultative Status“ to be used on Website, email signature, brochures etc.
Diplomatic Council Delegation listening to the Pope an UN General Assembly 2015

Diplomatic Council Delegation at the UN General Assembly in New York

UN High-Level Conferences

DC members get a voice at the UN

DC members get a voice at the United Nations

  • DC Members are well respected participants at most UN conferences around the world.
  • Most UN conferences are only open to organizations in consultative status with the UN such as the Diplomatic Council.
  • Many UN conferences are attended by high-ranking and recognised world leaders and dignitaries such as “the Bills“ – from Bill Clinton to Bill Gates.
  • Admission to UN conferences is something “money can’t buy”.

  Network of Ambassadors

  • Join a global network represented by Ambassadors with diplomats from more than 50 countries.
  • Ambassadors are an elite group of most powerful and well-respected dignitaries.
  • Ambassadors are great contact makers and door openers for business.
  • DC organizes diplomacy meets business meetings on a regular basis.
Ambassadors and Business Leaders meet at the Diplomatic Council

Ambassadors and Business Leaders meet at the Diplomatic Council

DC Status Card

  • DC Status Card (gold or silver) says „Member Name is accomplishing an important mission. Authorities and companies are honored to assist in any possible way“.
  • Helpful to get VIP treatment in a lot of situations, e.g. when traveling.
  • Significant additional public perception when worn at special occasion.

Re-Certification of Metropolitan Hospital in Athens, Greece

Congratulations to the colleagues of Metropolitan Hospital in Athens on the successful DC Temos re-certification of its “Excellence in Medical Tourism” and “Quality in International Patient Care”!

Metropolitan Hospital, as part of the Perseus Healthcare Group, consists of 198 beds while covering medical specialties and diagnostic services on a tertiary care level. Over 25.000 patients choose Metropolitan Hospital annually for their hospital stay whereas about 150.000 patients receive outpatient services. Around 20 % of the hospital admissions are international patients. All medical documents are provided in English language or other languages on request. The assessors from Germany, Jordan and Greece found very good departments, a well-managed hospital with courteous, considerate and experienced staff, kind hospitality and a trustworthy level of quality level in medical treatment, technical equipment and nursing.

Since 2014 Temos has been cooperating with the Diplomatic Council which enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations. As Temos certified partners all medical service providers and medical travel coordinators are also approved as “DC Preferred Partner”, an exclusive added value for Temos certified partners.

DC updates Code of Ethics

The Diplomatic Council (DC) has updated its Code of Ethics under the new Presidency of Ambassador H.E. Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan. The DC was established as a Global Think Tank with the objective to serve as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society. Diplomatic Council members share the idea that economic diplomacy provides a solid foundation for international understanding and a more peaceful interaction amongst nations.

The Diplomatic Council is driven by the strong desire to assist social and humanitarian initiatives in order to help the less privileged ones. The DC Code of Ethics provides the framework of the  governing principles applicable equally to all its members and partners.

DC Global Media Innovator 2017 for Emblematic Group

DC Global Media Innovator 2017 goes to leading Virtual Reality company, Emblematic Group

  • US- based company brings VR into news casts and documentary films
  • Emblematic Group was founded by Nonny de la Peña considered to be the “Godmother of VR”
  • Embematic was selected by the Diplomatic Council´s international leadership Board

The Diplomatic Council (DC) a United Nations accredited global think tank, has named US-based Emblematic Group, a leading creator of immersive virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences, as the recipient of the DC Global Media Innovator (GMI) 2017.

Founded by Nonny de la Peña known as the “Godmother of virtual reality,” Emblematic Group pioneered the medium of virtual reality documentary films. This was announced at the Diplomatic Council (DC) All Nations Gala 2017 .

The GMI Board explains: “Emblematic is one of the world’s leading producers of immersive virtual reality content. Company founder Nonny de la Peña was named the “Godmother of Virtual Reality” by British newspaper The Guardian. Their work is pushing the boundaries of storytelling to create empathy in audiences for stories that matter. This year they received a grant from the Knight Foundation to produce VR documentaries in partnership with Frontline and to collaborate on crafting and disseminating best practices for VR journalism.”

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Diplomatic Council starts Global Social Entrepreneurship Forum

While technological innovations are widely promoted, social innovations are still largely overlooked. The societal development can not always keep up with the rapid technological advancement and challenges of a modern dynamic environment.

The Diplomatic Council (DC) has therefore launched the DC Global Social Entrepreneurship Forum. It will focus on the possible impact of social innovation on the economy and society.

The objective of the forum is to promote Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for social change in politics, business, civil society, and within the United Nations. The Diplomatic Council will develop guidelines for international good impact, efficiency analyses, publications, and work toward networking with stakeholders on a global scale to support Social Enterprises to become even more successful.

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DC Gala Picture available for free download

Thanks to the generous sponsoring of the German-American Business Association, all guests attending the DC Gala received their pictures as photo prints free of charge. We say a big thank you to Andreas C. Neumann, Chairman of the German-American Business Association and Head of DC Mission Munich as well as to DC corporate member PicturePartners, who professionally organised the photo shooting for all members and guests at the moment they reach the ball rooms.

All participants who wish to have their digital pictures, can download these free of charge at: http://photos.diplomatic-council.org.

DC Chairman Global Project Management Forum Dr. Ralf Braune & DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen

DC Project Management Excellence Award

Under the Consultative Status with the United Nations, the Diplomatic Council (DC) has created the DC Project Management Excellence Award (DC PMEA). It is an international contest developed to recognize projects that support the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and have established and utilized within their projects and organization first class project management. The DC Project Management Excellence Award will be awarded at the DC Summer Celebration scheduled in June 2017 at the DC Executive Club in Frankfurt/Germany.

Dr. Ralf Braune, Chairman of the DC Global Project Management Forum, explains: “The DC Project Management Excellence Award is open for all DC corporate members and all organisations and their corporate members in MoU status with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Diplomatic Council.”

An independent Jury of the Diplomatic Council will review all projects submitted and make a selection of the best projects in each category. What are the pillars the nomination team and jury will look at? They will look at how the project management processes and corresponding subjects were managed and what results were achieved regarding the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.

Benefits of Participating

Entering a project into the Project Management Excellence Award offers many benefits:

1. A meaningful way to celebrate success and formally thank your team for a job well done.
2. Professional exposure and recognition for the project and participants within your
3. Improved understanding of the principles and benefits of project management within your organization.
4. Peer recognition of their project at the Diplomatic Council Summer festival.
5. Visibility of respective programs to a border audience.

Guidelines for Applications

The Committee for the DC PMEA has prepared guidelines for applicants to nominate their projects for the award. Please read the entire document prior to initiating or entering the nomination process.

The Hang Nguyen “Love Speech” at the DC Gala 2017

The day we enter this world
The day we take our first breath
The day we open our eyes
The first experience on earth is Love
Cuddled in the arms of our mothers and fathers
Looking into their eyes, we see an ocean of love

Life begins with Love
and through it all, Love remains
It makes us smile
It makes us fly
It makes us strong
It gives us hope
It heals our wounds
It crosses borders
It tears down walls
It eradicates hate
It stops violence
Love ends wars without bloodshed

Love is the most powerful and
the most peaceful weapon we have
We should use it more often!


Glamorous Gala with Gorgeous Guests

The Gala was ceremoniously opened by Secretary General Hang Nguyen and Founding President Buddhi Athauda.

H.E. Ambassador Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan is new DC President

The festive inauguration of the new Diplomatic Council President, H.E. Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan, Ambassador of Malaysia, marked the highlight of the Diplomatic Council Gala 2017. The ball rooms of the Grand Hotel Hessischer Hof were completely filled and all seats were occupied.

Neven Subotić becomes DC member

Football fans many consider this the secret highlight: the appointment of Neven Subotić as a DC member. Neven played for the USA and Serbia and is now playing for FSV Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, currently being lent to 1. FC Köln. He also received a generous donation from the Diplomatic Council on behalf of DC Business Ambassador Dr. Thomas Durchlaub.

DC Global Media Innovator awarded to US company

The DC Global Media Innovator 2017 for the best media innovation was awarded to the US company Emblematic. Nonny de la Peñae, known as the „Mother of Virtual Reality“, established the company and created a unique technology for Immersive Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality which was recognized by the DC Jury as a pioneering technology offering virtual reality in an unprecedented way.

DC Information Society Prize goes to “Home Smartification”

The DC Information Society Prize recognizes ICT projects that support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The winner of the DC Prize is “Smart Service Power”, headed by DC member Vivai Software. The project is a valuable contribution to „Home Smartification“ which improves the life quality of elderly and disabled people. The winner as well as the DC projects “E-Learning Backstage” and “Rainforest” both from Quality Minds and “Zero Mothers Die“ from the Millennia2025 Foundation will be submitted for the WSIS Prize 2017 by the Diplomatic Council.

Applause for star pianist Albert Frantz

Albert Franz received much applause for his impressive performance during the festive evening program. In nearly a decade, he was the first pianist to be awarded a Fullbright Fellowship to Vienna.

Feel-good atmosphere at Grand Hotel Hessischer Hof

Following the official program, members and guests enjoyed the nice atmosphere of the hotel. They met and mingled, exchanged with each other and deepened relationships. The evening was filled with sophisticated conversations, smart discussions and intellectual debates and motivated members to actively participate in the work of the Diplomatic Council. The stylish ambience of the Grand Hotel and the exclusive food contributed to creating a unique and unforgettable event.

Stefanie Rhein excited with songs from five continents

Later in the evening, Stefanie Rhein performed five songs from five continents which was well received by the audience who joined in singing and danced to the music. After the official gala, many members and guests continued celebrating at Jimmy’s bar until the early morning.

Many topics discussed at the breakfast

The breakfast on the next morning served as a continuation of the interesting and intensive conversations made at the gala the night before. In particular, those members and guests coming from the various European DC missions seized the opportunity to discuss further ideas, projects and new missions such as new offices in Benelux, Singapore and Russia.