New food for all of us

“Mankind will be facing a revolution in the food production industry in the near future”, says Lars Thomsen, DC futurologist. He sees two trends which complement each other and both have the potential to tap into the mass market within the next ten years: vertical farming and genome research.

Vertical farming – fields on skyscrapers

Based on recycling economy and hydroponics, vertical farming is the practice of producing food in vertical premises such as skyscrapers or warehouses where fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds can grow all the year. This may sound adventurous at first but it has many benefits: the food is cultivated under natural conditions without pesticides, the recycling economy minimizes the greenhouse effect of hydrocarbons, the scarce water resources are better used and the energy costs for transporting food would be eliminated because definitely the greenhouses would be built in urban centers where many people live. Moreover, by means of vertical farming more food can be produced in areas where land is infertile and nothing grows (anymore). Vertical farming bears a high risk for the traditional farming – it may even eliminate it – but for the large part of the population, vertical farming can be a blessing.

Ending livestock farming

Genome research offers another opportunity: meat can be grown from cells without killing animals for this purpose. The first experiments have already been conducted, however, Lars Thomsen anticipates the tipping point will not be achieved within the next ten years, maybe 15 years. He believes that in future, more and more people will only eat meat for which animals are not killed. This would be a huge step towards ending the much bewailed livestock farming.

New collaboration with The Luxury Network Los Angeles

Diplomatic Council Mission Los Angeles (DC-LA) and Diplomatic Council partner organisation The Luxury Network (TLN) have agreed on another regional collaboration. Abby Cubey, Head of DC-LA and Rowan Kelshow, Managing Director of TLN LA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding accordingly giving DC members the opportunity to attend TLN LA events and vice versa. A first TLN dinner and wine tasting already took place at the famous Montage Hotel Beverly Hills where DC members got to know other TLN members.

In August, Diplomatic Council Mission LA has scheduled a car rally starting in Los Angeles heading to the renowned Car Week in Monterrey. The rally is sponsored by TwentyFourSeven Cosmetics owned by Diplomatic Council Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger. Only luxury cars are permitted to this car rally.

Diplomatic Council Summer Celebration

This year´s Diplomatic Council Summer Celebration will take place on June 18 at the 5***** luxury hotel Schlosshotel Kronberg near Frankfurt (Germany).

We anticipate a fabulous celebration with numerous festive moments, cultural highlights, a delicious summer barbecue with accompanying wines and for sure the outstanding ambience of a castle-style luxury hotel. All these “ingredients” provide the ideal setting for a magical celebration at which new contacts can be established while existing relationships may be deepened.The participation fee includes all food and beverages.

Healthcare across Borders, Washington D.C.

Diplomatic Council members are cordially invited by DC corporate member Temos International US partner organization GEM Consulting International as a guest to attend the luncheon presentation of:

“Buying and Selling Healthcare across Borders: Old Habits, New Rules”

as part of the World Health Care Congress 2018. The luncheon takes place on April 30, in Washington D.C.

The 15th Annual World Health Care Congress offers industry-specific content in a multi-track format designed to deliver practical takeaways to improve  business and inform strategy.

Dr. Dorian´s DC Channel about Economic Policy

Dr. Dorian Hartmuth, Diplomatic Council Director Economic Policy


Working for quality in politics without corruption


A Vision for Peace


Why going to events is so important – even if you don’t like


What makes us more successful

Call for Cars

This year, Diplomatic Council gold members are invited to be part of the Luxury Car Rallye which takes place during the Monterey Car Week in California in August. Starting with a Diplomatic Council brunch in Los Angeles, the rally will arrive right on time in Monterey for the opening of what is known as the most exclusive car event. Participation is only possible with your own luxury car, classic car, super sports car or race car with a market value starting at 500,000 USD. Depending on where you live, your car needs to be transported to Los Angeles. Only 100 automobiles are permitted to the race.

DC gold members interested in participating, may contact the Secretariat General. DC corporate members may also approach the Secretariat if they wish to be a sponsor at the event which will draw a great deal of attention in there USA.

Diplomatic Council

China upfront in artificial intelligence

Chances are good that China will position itself as the world leader in artificial intelligence. This assumption is based on numerous indications.

  1. There are more young engineers in China who deal with artificial intelligence than anywhere else in the world. The number of Chinese publications related to this topic has doubled in the last ten years. In a competition for facial recognition, the Chinese startup Face++ has won against the teams of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and the Carnegie Mellon University.
  2. China collects more data than the USA – and data (big data) is the essential condition for any form of artificial intelligence. Chinese people use their smart phones more intensively then Americans to pay almost everything in their daily life: apparel, food, electricity, water, etc. The bicycles, that are available for common use, generate 30 Terabytes of sensory data from around 50 millions uses per day. In comparison to the USA, this represents 300 times more data volume.
  3. China is gradually leaving its “copy phase”. 15 years ago, almost all Chinese startups have copied their American models as accurately as possible. In the meantime, they have taken the lead – WeChat and Weibo are working much better than their counterparts Facebook Messenger or Twitter. Also, China has started to create its own ideas.
  4. The Chinese government encourages and supports the development of artificial intelligence with two clear objectives: to catch up with the US in 2020 and to take the lead over the US in 2030. Experience in the past have shown that the Chinese government has always been quite assertive in all their infrastructure projects. There is considerable evidence that this also applies to the project “artificial intelligence”.

Singapore Yacht Show

Diplomatic Council Gold Members are invited by Irene Ho, Head of DC Mission Singapore, to the Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) 2018. This partnership offers and unprecedented access to Asia’s leading and largest display of luxury board and super yachts  – including many which have never been seen in public previously.

SYS is a celebration held over four days at ONEo15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore.  You can walk the marina to see Asia’s largest yacht display or browse the marine and lifestyle exhibitors in the air-conditioned pavilions. There is a full and exciting social calendar with a little something for everyone who wants to learn about the yachting lifestyle.

New in 2018, SYS has included the Wine and Gin Festival, the Boardwalk Precinct for some retail therapy and plenty of International Food to taste.  You can even cruise on a yacht around the islands of Singapore.

Vietnam – A new Tiger is born

Business in Vietnam

A  ‘Global Think Tank meets Business Event’ at April 23 in Shanghai organized by DC Chairman Helmut von Siedmogrodzki

Since its shift from a centrally planned to a socialist-oriented market economy Vietnam has emerged to one of the most dynamic countries in East Asia. Vietnam’s GDP per capita growth has been among the fastest in the world since its reforms and opening the country starting in 1990, averaging 6.4 percent a year in the 2000s. Recent data show a record high in FDI in 2017 and continued strong capital inflow in January-February 2018. Economic growth is expected to remain strong this year with a 6.6% increase in 2018 and 6.5% in 2019. In the neighbourhood of the second largest economy of the world, Vietnam has become an attractive alternative location for manufacturers and investors.

The speaker Dr. Joerg-Michael Scheil, a German attorney-at-law and partner of Schulz Noack Bärwinkel (SNB Law) will provide first-hand information concerning market access, the foreign investment regime in Vietnam, the legal framework, tax incentives and fresh impressions from his current practice. Dr. Scheil studied law and Chinese studies at Göttingen University and Chinese law at the East China Institute of Politics and Law. Since 1999 he is Chief Representative of SNB Shanghai Office, and, since 2012, additionally head of the firm’s branch in Ho Chi Minh City. He is the only German who is admitted as foreign practicing lawyer in both China and Vietnam.


18:30 Registration
19:00 Welcome address
Helmut von Siedmogrodzki, DC Chairman International Relations
19:15 Presentations
20:00 Open discussion and networking

Á-la-carte-Dinner. Dress code: Business Attire.

Participation fee: Dinner and drinks are at the participant’s expense. The bill is to be settled at the end of the event.

Medical Conference in Los Angeles

On the occasion of the DOGANA medical conference organized by Abby Cubey, DC Head of Mission Los Angeles, Secretary General Hang Nguyen and CEO Andreas Dripke seized the opportunity to introduce the Diplomatic Council Global Healthcare Forum. The conference was well attended by 500+ top North American doctors. Healthcare, immigration and digitalization represent the three main themes of Diplomatic Council USA.

For the purpose of strengthening the Healthcare team in the USA, Dr. Syed Rahmanuddin, Director of 3D Oncologic Imaging Center and Asisstant Professor of Radiology – Department of Radiology, National Medical Center Helford Clinical & Research Hospital, was admitted to the Diplomatic Council as a new Executive Member.

Healthcare Luncheon in Washington D.C.

At the invitation of its partner organization Temos, Diplomatic Council members are invited to the healthcare luncheon in Washington D.C. on April 30. The luncheon focuses on „Healthcare across Borders: Old Habits, New Rules”.

Healthcare Luncheon in Washington

Participants expected at the conference are in particular ambassadors, consuls and healthcare Ministers.

Healthcare Conference in Boston

From June 26 to 27, Diplomatic Council members working in the healthcare industry are invited to attend the Internet of Health Conference in Boston. This two-day conference deals with the impacts of digitalization in the healthcare sector.

Internet of Health Conference Boston

Diplomatic Council members may apply to speak at the conference.

More than 60 hospitals certified by Diplomatic Council 

For more than five years now, the Diplomatic Council has been active in the medical sector. Worldwide, more then 60 hospitals have undergone and met the stringent quality check carried out by DC partner Temos International and have obtained their „DC Preferred Partner Hospital“ seal. The assessment of the hospitals comprises an extensive review including various criteria.