CeBIT: DC Consultant Network

Professional and ethical standards in conformity with the UN Charter

The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) has launched the “DC Consultant Network“ at the world’s largest IT Fair CeBIT. The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank and business network in consultative status with the United Nations. The DCOS Institute is seeking collaboration with the United Nations with the objective to scientifically and practically monitor and follow up on the impacts of the digitalization on politics, economy and society.

Network of Certified DC Consultants

Whereas the Institute focuses on the work contents such as studies, white papers, events and master showcase projects (blueprints for digitalization) and the Global Silicon Valley, a network of DC-certified consultants shall be available to support the target group diplomacy and business in implementing their concrete projects. The DC consultant network is made up of experienced DC members to make sure that the high business and ethical requirements are in line with the Charter of the United Nations. Consultants and consulting companies are invited to join the network.

Diplomatic Council Media Series "Think Global"

DC Global Silicon Valley Initiative calls for the “Internet of all Nations“

The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) has launched the “Global Silicon Valley Initiative“ at the world’s largest IT Fair CeBIT. The Initiative’s aim is to counteract the current concentration of the digital society in the Californian Silicon Valley by offering a global alternative. The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank and business network in consultative status with the United Nations.

The DCOS Institute points out that amongst the most visited websites in the world, five are based in Silicon Valley, the sixth website in China whereas Europe is lagging far behind.

Otto Schell comments: “California dictates the rules for the global digital economy. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google & Co have claimed sovereignty of interpretation of the modern world. New start-ups such as AirBnb or Uber with a global reach emerge permanently – all initiated in Silicon Valley. A European strategy is not recognizable. Despite the fact that Silicon Valley is hardly bigger than Berlin, it is a thousand times more powerful.

As a counterbalance to the “Global Silicon Valley“, the intention of the Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation is to bring together startups, venture capitals and mentors from all over the world in order to create “a similar mixture of spirit and money as in California”. In this context, the Institute intends to focus especially on all types of virtual collaborations in order to connect talents, advisors and sponsors from around the world.

Otto Schell says: “We don’t want to leave the digital world to Silicon Valley only. What we strive for is an Internet of All Nations; you could also name it the Internet of the United Nations”.

Visionary Otto Schell

The Institute is named after Otto Schell, a “Digital” visionary who is considered one of the most independent pioneers and innovators for digitalization. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, university lecturer, book author, advisor for digital transformation and Diplomatic Council Chairman International Relations.

“We look forward to collaborating with further partners who strive to assume responsibility and drive the digital transformation along the sustainable development goals of the United Nations” says the Head of Institute Otto Schell.

Vietnamese Ambassador joins DC

H.E. Doan Xuan Hung, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, just joined the Diplomatic Council as a honorary member. His festive admission ceremony took place during the Salon Diplomatique et Economique in Mannheim and he received his certificate from Secretary General Hang Nguyen in front of an audience of 80 selected guests.

The Salon Diplomatique et Economique was generously sponsored by Michael Himmelsbach, a long-time DC member and former city councillor of the City of Mannheim. Many high-ranking DC members witnessed the festive admission ceremony of the Ambassador.

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Diplomatic Council to launch new DC Mission in Singapore

The Diplomatic Council is about to launch a new DC Mission in Singapore. Singapore, sometimes referred to as the Lion City or the Little Red Dot, is the global commerce, finance and transport hub in Southeast Asia. The World Economic Forums calls the sovereign citistate „the most technology-ready“ nation. Further standings include: city with “best investment potential” (BERI), second-most competitive country, third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre, and the second-busiest container port. The country is ranked first in Asia on the UN Human Development Index.

Irene Ho, Head of DC Mission Singapore

Irene Ho, Head of DC Mission Singapore

Irene Ho was named Head of DC Mission Singapore. She is one of the best connected business women in Singapore. Irene Ho founded and launched The Luxury Network Singapore in 2013 and has since grown her network to almost 60 premium brands. Some of her members include One 15 Luxury Yachting, Berkeley Group, Etihad Airways, FJ Benjamin, Penfolds, Porsche, Singapore Polo Club, Singapore Turf Club, Singapore Yacht Show, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, The Balvenie, William Grant & Sons and W Singapore Sentosa Cove – to name a few.

Prior to founding The Luxury Network Singapore, Irene Ho worked in Corporate Finance and has experience in cross-border business development, financial due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, valuations and assurance. She was the IPO Manager at Deloitte Singapore prior to her move to Australia in 2009 to undertake a Masters Degree in Financial Analysis from the University of New South Wales and upon graduation worked for PKF Corporate Finance in Brisbane, Australia. Irene Ho was the President of the Singapore Business Council of Australia Inc in Brisbane from 2012 to 2013. She is a Chartered Certified Accountant and since 2014 sits on the Management Committee of Australia Alumni Singapore, a non-profit organization established since 1955 with the President of Singapore and Australia High Commissioner to Singapore as Patrons.

Guidelines for the use of Diplomatic Council seals for members

The Diplomatic Council is a UN-accredited Diplomacy meets Business Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. DC Members may carry the seal „Trusted Company – UN Consultative Status“. Here are the rules for the use of the seal.

  1. Each member of the Diplomatic Council is obliged to adhere to the DC Code of Ethics available at at any time and in every respect.
  2. Each seal of the Diplomatic Council is to be used explicitly in the format and design as it was provided to the member: changes to the seal are strictly prohibited.
  3. The DC seal may be utilized for marketing and distribution purposes as well as for the digital communication (website, email signature) of the respective corporate member. Business partners of DC corporate members are not allowed to use the DC seal.
  4. The DC seal may be used in combination with the following wording: “COMPANY or PERSON is a proud member of the Diplomatic Council, a global think tank in consultative status with the United Nations”.
  5. The DC seal is created with the name of the corporate member’s company or the person´s name. The member is permitted to link the its website to the Diplomatic Council website which includes sub-pages in case of a thematic relation.
  6. The member is not allowed to create the impression that the company or the person is a personal consultant to the United Nations. In case of doubt, the Secretariat General is to be contacted to receive authorization on the wording; only the written confirmation by the Secretariat General is considered as an approval.
  7. The wording given below can be used for describing the Diplomatic Council. Extracts distorting the meaning of the attached wording are prohibited.

International Understanding as an Economic Mandate

The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank serving as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society. Members of the Diplomatic Council believe that economic diplomacy provides a solid foundation for international understanding and a more peaceful interaction amongst nations. In recognition of this noble mission, the Diplomatic Council was granted the highest status available for a non-governmental organization: the consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations which provides a unique opportunity to the Diplomatic Council members to express their views and opinions, especially with respect to economic issues, to the 193 United Nations’ member states.

A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors of peace. Based on this perception, the Diplomatic Council has transformed its goal of promoting international understanding into an economic mandate. The global DC business network is linked to the diplomatic communication level of the different DC member states granting DC members access to one of the most exclusive networks for business and social questions.

Diplomatic Council experts and leaders play a key role in consulting the ambassadors on how the economic principles can be transferred into the global diplomatic network. Vice versa the ambassadors use their diplomatic competency to ensure that the economic activities ultimately promote understanding amongst nations and safeguard peace.

Against this background, the Diplomatic Council welcomes personalities from diplomacy, economy and society who enjoy high degrees of acceptance, high levels of expertise and who pursue the same visions and values. Companies committed to corporate social responsibility are welcome to join the Diplomatic Council as corporate members.

New Cloud Sync & Share Services Report

The Diplomatic Council has created a Cloud Sync& Share Services report in collaboration with the National Initiative for Information and Internet Security (NIFIS). The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank with consultative status with the United Nations. The NIFIS is an independent self-help organization that provides technical, organizational and legal support to businesses to help them in the fight against the ever- growing number of threats from the internet.

The report was compiled due to a growing demand from members for an impartial comparison of IT services that offer a secure and reliable means of exchanging data over the internet (the cloud). In particular, the apparent “rampant activities of the intelligence services”, the rise in cybercrime including industrial espionage, and the legal uncertainty surrounding some global data protection regulations have resulted in increasing requests for us to recommend individual services.

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SAP User Group (DSAG) & Diplomatic Council (DC)

SAP user group joins Diplomatic Council

The German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) with more than 60,000 members including 29 of the 30-DAX companies has joined the Diplomatic Council as a corporate member. Both organizations partnered already in the past with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). In joining the DC as a corporate member, DSAG wishes to actively and intensively participate in the work of the Diplomatic Council.

DSAG Chairman and DC Chairman International Relations Otto Schell emphasizes: “The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank and business network in consultative status with the United Nations offering a unique opportunity for members to actively participate in shaping the digital world”.


Industrial partners, associations and executives interested in exchanging can send a request and apply for a partnership or membership:

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ASEAN Ambassadors

DC & ASEAN Ambassadors Meeting

At the invitation of our new DC President, H.E. Ambassador Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan and DC member, H.E. Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria-Thomeczek, a DC Delegation attended the bi-annual meeting of the ASEAN ambassadors in Berlin. Ambassador Maria-Thomeczek is currently chairing the ASEAN ambassadors group and as a long-standing DC member has invited her colleagues to learn more about the DC. DC President, H.E. Ambassador Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan is known to all members from the DC Gala 2017. In the last two years he attended the DC global healthcare conference and together with Secretary General handed over the prestigious DC Preferred Partner Hospitals seals to over 55 global medical facilities.

50th ASEAN anniversary

At the meeting in Berlin taking place at the Philippine residence, the ASEAN ambassadors, Secretary General Hang Nguyen and DC CEO to the UN Andreas Dripke decided on various joined activities. Already on March 15 the Vietnamese ambassador, H.E. Xuan Hung Doan will present his country at the „Salon Diplomatique et Economique“ in Mannheim. In the second quarter of 2017, a new and exclusive “Diplomatic Soiree” will be launched under the leadership of the Diplomatic Council. The Diplomatic Soiree provides the platform for ambassadors to meet with business leaders from the Diplomatic Council in a very select circle. This series of events will start with the ASEAN ambassadors in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ASEAN.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as big as the EU

ASEAN is the association of Southeast Asian countries and comprises the following ten member states: Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam with a total of 600 million residents which corresponds to approximately 8% of the world population. Its size is comparable to the EU.

The world’s largest free trade area

On July 1, 2005 the China-ASEAN free trade agreement was established. It is the largest free trade area in the world with 1,7 billion people. After the elimination of the customers borders, this area is considered the largest domestic market – four times bigger than the EU.

Diplomatic Council

DC Member Directory

Who else is a Diplomatic Council member? Members in search of other members need to identify themselves first to receive an answer. This is easily done by enrolling in the DC Member Directory.

DC Member Directory

To clarify: members are not automatically entered into the DC Members Directory upon their membership confirmation but they have to list themselves. This procedure is in line with data protection regulation and allows members to determine how much they would like to reveal about themselves and their corporations.

The annual membership fee of corporate members includes the free entry in the Global Corporate Database. Members are highlighted with the ”DC Trusted Company“ seal. The DC Global Corporate Database is also open to other companies seeking a relation with the DC before joining as members. As a result DC members gain access to an even larger network.

The registration process is easy:

  • Visit and log in with your email address and password
  • Select “members only” and then click on “Global Corporate Database”
  • Follow the instructions under “premium entry for DC members”. The premium entry is usually charged with $ 150 but is included in the annual fee of DC corporate
DC Gala 2017

The Diplomatic Council Gala 2017 Film

The Diplomatic Council´s DC Gala 2017 was ceremoniously opened by Secretary General Hang Nguyen and Founding President Buddhi Athauda. The evening was packed with highlights including H.E. Ambassador Dato‘ Zulkifli Adnan inauguration as new DC President, Neven Subotić introduction as new DC member, DC Global Media Innovator awarded to US company Emblematic, DC Information Society Prize for “Home Smartification”, the “Hang Nguyen Love Speech” and a great performance by star pianist Albert Frantz as well as exciting songs from five continents performed by Stefanie Rhein. The DC Gala 2017 film, produced by DC film maker Nana Domena and his team, shows the highlights of this festive evening.