Universal charging station for electric cars

DC E-Car Dinner on Nov. 15 in Frankfurt

  • Implementation of a uniform infrastructure for all car models
  • Standardised payment system for all power stations
  • New opportunities for small and medium-sized companies

DC Chairman Global E-Mobility Forum Steef Korfker

At the November 15 e-car summit organised by the DC SME Forum, the DC E-Mobility Forum will present and demonstrate a new generation of intelligent charging station for e-cars produced by Ecotap. The product range includes a home-use charging station, wall chargers for the use in parking garages, a compact stand-alone charging station for two cars and a full-load unit for car convoy.

”At present, only three percent of all cars in Europe are e-cars. However, almost all European countries aim at achieving a zero-emission transportation until 2030”, says Steef Korfker, Chairman of the DC E-Mobility Forum.

Smart Charging

Helmut von Siedmogrodzki, Chairman DC SME Forum, explains: “Smart charging offers small and medium-sized enterprises innovative business models and new sales opportunities. This includes car dealers, shopping centres, restaurants, parking garages and many other places where cars are parked. Every driver of an e-car will feel the need to charge his car at every opportunity”. Steef Korfker adds: “For the SME sector, universal charging stations are a decisive factor since they can be used for all e-cars of all car brands. The Diplomatic Council E-Mobility Forum is presenting exactly this type of product from Ecotap”.

Charging and Paying

The technical standardization of the charging process – mechanically or electric – is as important as the payment process. In his function as Director of the Dutch Organization for Electric Transport (DOET) Steef Korfker has developed standards for this and they are already established in the Ecotap charging stations in the Netherlands and are ready to be expanded to further European countries including Germany. Payment can be settled with an Ecotap pass or with any other payment means that is accepted by Paypal.

”The implementation of such an infrastructure triggers a boom in electrical trades and all related trades”, Helmut von Siedmogrodzki says about the business opportunities for the SME sector and adds: “Implementing and maintaining such an infrastructure will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in Europe”.