Balkan Task Force established

A Balkan Task Force (DC BTF) was established in order to pool the activities of the Diplomatic Council in the Balkans. The goal of the task force is to accelerate sustained economic growth and capital expenditure in Balkan States in accordance with the value system of the United Nations. The Balkans comprise the following States: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Moldova as well as the European part of Turkey. The Turkish expression “Balkan” means “mountain range”. Geographically speaking the Balkans comprise the easternmost of the three peninsulas towering the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe.

The DC members Evisi Kopliku (Albania), Patrick Crehan (Brussels), Zamira Pode Hirsch (Luxembourg) and Ambassador Dr. Calin Fabian (Romania) form part of the new DC Balkan Task Force. Members from other Balkan States shall be accepted successively. Furthermore, the cooperation between the Diplomatic Council and the Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Ost-West in Romanian Bucharest shall be integrated into the scope of responsibilities of the DC Balkan Task Force.

Strengthening Administration and Investment

Thematically speaking the DC BTF intends to focus on two aspects: Improvement of education and training in the public service, in order to create more understanding and consideration of economic reality, as well as encouraging investments mainly from western investors in the Balkans. In addition, the DC Balkan Task Force intends to constitute a stabilizing force in a partly agitated region. Here, the central idea of the Diplomatic Council takes center stage, namely that a thriving economy creates prosperity for all citizens and for this reason can be considered as the best guarantor for peace. In this regard the sole purpose of economic developments in the Balkans is first and foremost the safeguarding of peace on the Southeast European peninsula.