DC Consultant Network

Professional and ethical standards in conformity with the UN Charter

The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) has launched the “DC Consultant Network“. The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank and business network in consultative status with the United Nations. The DCOS Institute is seeking collaboration with the United Nations with the objective to scientifically and practically monitor and follow up on the impacts of the digitalization on politics, economy and society.

Network of Certified DC Consultants

Whereas the Institute focuses on the work contents such as studies, white papers, events and master showcase projects (blueprints for digitalization) and the Global Silicon Valley, a network of DC-certified consultants shall be available to support the target group diplomacy and business in implementing their concrete projects. The DC consultant network is made up of experienced DC members to make sure that the high business and ethical requirements are in line with the Charter of the United Nations. Consultants and consulting companies are invited to join the network.