Cooperation with Young Global Pioneers of Birgitte Hagemann Snabe

At the Summer Celebration, the Diplomatic Council is going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Young Global Pioneers (YGP) organisation. YGP was founded by social entrepreneur Birgitte Hagemann Snabe in order to encourage highly talented students from all over the world to make a social contribution beyond their own career.

The intention of this collaboration is to strengthen the Diplomatic Council Students Organization (DCS). The MoU shall be signed by Fabian Jaskotka, Head of Diplomatic Council Students Program and Birgitte Hagemann Snabe, who will be traveling from Denmark to the Summer Celebration for this purpose. This cooperation is as valuable as the MoU the Diplomatic Council signed with the US-based students organization Global Tassels in the margins of the General Assembly in New York 2 years ago.