DC Academic Program

The Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Diplomatic Council (DC) have initiated a joint DC Academic Program for the academic promotion of Economic Diplomacy which forms the connection between diplomacy and economy. Both partners are convinced that a prosperous economy constitutes a solid foundation for international understanding and for this reason, economic considerations shall always be an integral part of successful diplomatic efforts.

Gunter Gaublome is appointed Chairman of the DC Academic Program. He also holds the position as Director of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy and will become a member of the Advisory Board of the DC Students Organisation, the Diplomatic Council’s global students organization.

Students all around the world are granted access to the global contact network of the Diplomatic Council through this joint program. This will enable them to enhance their academic competency benefiting from the DC’s diplomatic and business relations while at the same time, they can establish valuable contacts for their professional careers. For this intention, all students enrolled at a recognized university can apply for a membership with the DC Students Organisation. In the event they are admitted, the students gain access to selected programs and events of the Diplomatic Council. “Today’s students will be the liberal-minded but also critical thinkers of our think thank tomorrow”, says Secretary General Hang Nguyen.

In order to promote the brightest minds, BDA and DC have launched a „DC Students Award“ which is awarded to those students with the best diploma thesis. The nomination and selection of the winners is executed by an independent jury of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy. The winners are granted a lifelong membership as a DC Fellow of the Diplomatic Council.

Members of the Diplomatic Council not only profit from the intellectual enrichments of the students but they also receive access to the comprehensive offer of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy which includes lectures, conferences and workshops. Various DC members have already attended mentioned courses, as for example a seminar explaining relevant legal issues when it comes to doing business in China.

Once a year, the Brussels Diplomatic Academy together with the Diplomatic Council and the Diplomatic World Magazine will jointly organize a „Diplomatic Economy Summit“ in Brussels. The opening event is scheduled for May 20, 2015.