DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger preparing for New York Stock Exchange

Role model and full-blooded entrepreneur Sascha Zilger, who holds the position as Diplomatic Council Business Ambassador, intends to list his company Twentyfourseven Cosmetics at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Twentyfourseven is scheduled for NYSE listing after it has been successfully established in 27 European countries over the past years and followed by a terrific market entry in the USA back in 2017.

Glamorous world of Hollywood

For the US market, Abby Cubey, Head of DC Mission Los Angeles, successfully introduced Twentyfourseven to the glamorous world of Hollywood world – and created a strong demand for the very effective cosmetic products.

10 bil dollar Fonds

Moreover, DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger is Vice President of a 10 Billion Dollar Swiss fonds named Arcofund. Every day markets analysts publish hundreds of reports which include sector overviews as well as individual company profiles. It could take an investor weeks to read all the reports released in a day so the result is that many of them remain unread. In order to have a clear advantage over other market participants, Sascha Zilger´s Fonds has developed a platform that accesses hundreds of thousands of the most relevant sources in a matter of seconds and analyses about 300’000 financial reports and statements for over 10’000 stocks daily.

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

Target groups are High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), means individuals with more than 1 Million US Dollar of investable assets. According to current studies, there are 12 Million HNWI´s worldwide. Altogether they own more than 46,2 Billion investable money. Most HNWIs, namely 3,7 Million, are residents in the Asia-Pacific area and North America. Sascha Zilger will meet a selective group of them at the DC Opening Singapore on March 22 at the Residence of DC President and Malaysian Ambassador H.E. Dato Zulkifli Adnan in Singapore.