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DC Global Silicon Valley Initiative calls for the “Internet of all Nations“

The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) has launched the “Global Silicon Valley Initiative“ at the world’s largest IT Fair CeBIT. The Initiative’s aim is to counteract the current concentration of the digital society in the Californian Silicon Valley by offering a global alternative. The Diplomatic Council is a global think tank and business network in consultative status with the United Nations.

The DCOS Institute points out that amongst the most visited websites in the world, five are based in Silicon Valley, the sixth website in China whereas Europe is lagging far behind.

Otto Schell comments: “California dictates the rules for the global digital economy. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google & Co have claimed sovereignty of interpretation of the modern world. New start-ups such as AirBnb or Uber with a global reach emerge permanently – all initiated in Silicon Valley. A European strategy is not recognizable. Despite the fact that Silicon Valley is hardly bigger than Berlin, it is a thousand times more powerful.

As a counterbalance to the “Global Silicon Valley“, the intention of the Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation is to bring together startups, venture capitals and mentors from all over the world in order to create “a similar mixture of spirit and money as in California”. In this context, the Institute intends to focus especially on all types of virtual collaborations in order to connect talents, advisors and sponsors from around the world.

Otto Schell says: “We don’t want to leave the digital world to Silicon Valley only. What we strive for is an Internet of All Nations; you could also name it the Internet of the United Nations”.

Visionary Otto Schell

The Institute is named after Otto Schell, a “Digital” visionary who is considered one of the most independent pioneers and innovators for digitalization. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, university lecturer, book author, advisor for digital transformation and Diplomatic Council Chairman International Relations.

“We look forward to collaborating with further partners who strive to assume responsibility and drive the digital transformation along the sustainable development goals of the United Nations” says the Head of Institute Otto Schell.