Diplomatic Council

DC Membership in a nutshell

DC Membership Benefits

  • Join a Global Think Tank, a Business Network and a Charity Foundation with just one membership.
  • The Diplomatic Council is the only business network officially accepted by the United Nations.
  • Each DC Member enjoys “DC UN Consultative Status“, which means is a DC consultant 
to the United Nations.
  • Each and every membership application is reviewed by the DC Ambassadors Circle to guarantee highest membership quality.
  • “Member of the Diplomatic Council“ is a title to be proud of and is most useful in business.
  • Each DC Member receives a personalized resp. company-specific seal „DC UN Consultative Status“ to be used on Website, email signature, brochures etc.
Diplomatic Council Delegation listening to the Pope an UN General Assembly 2015

Diplomatic Council Delegation at the UN General Assembly in New York

UN High-Level Conferences

DC members get a voice at the UN

DC members get a voice at the United Nations

  • DC Members are well respected participants at most UN conferences around the world.
  • Most UN conferences are only open to organizations in consultative status with the UN such as the Diplomatic Council.
  • Many UN conferences are attended by high-ranking and recognised world leaders and dignitaries such as “the Bills“ – from Bill Clinton to Bill Gates.
  • Admission to UN conferences is something “money can’t buy”.

  Network of Ambassadors

  • Join a global network represented by Ambassadors with diplomats from more than 50 countries.
  • Ambassadors are an elite group of most powerful and well-respected dignitaries.
  • Ambassadors are great contact makers and door openers for business.
  • DC organizes diplomacy meets business meetings on a regular basis.
Ambassadors and Business Leaders meet at the Diplomatic Council

Ambassadors and Business Leaders meet at the Diplomatic Council

DC Status Card

  • DC Status Card (gold or silver) says „Member Name is accomplishing an important mission. Authorities and companies are honored to assist in any possible way“.
  • Helpful to get VIP treatment in a lot of situations, e.g. when traveling.
  • Significant additional public perception when worn at special occasion.