DC Speaker Award for Peace

Great speeches are effective. Great speakers are charismatic. Great words shape great speeches. This in mind the Diplomatic Council in 2018 has founded the „DC Speaker Award for Peace“. Thereby the DC wants to value highly persons who with a great speech have contributed to solving a conflict, have fostered peace or have influenced third parties to take a different look at their opposing views. The Diplomatic Council will award personalities who have choosen the right words at the right time and at the right location. Award-winning speeches are marked by a high authority and sovereignity of the speaker, by an ability to adress a conflict in proper words and by really influencing the status quo to the better. The „DC Speaker Award for Peace“ is open to every person in every branch, in politics, diplomacy, business, religion, science or even the area of privacy.

The award aims to deescalate the heated athmosphere of todays public debate, the dangerous clash of religions and the obvious unability of todays elites to lead us into a better and more peaceful area. The award is heading to answer the question: Which speech has contributed most to the idea of „Peace“?

The prize will be introduced at the DC Executive Club and DC Gala on February, 2, 2018 and will be  awarded for the first time in autumn 2018. There is no money involved. A jury of 10 dedicated people will finally decide.


Every person applying for the award is asked to pass in the following information:

  • A speech being held in front of a public audience in the last two years. The speech must have been recorded as podcast or video. A written script won`t do it and neither are we able to accept written articles (newspapers etc.)
  • There must be a clear indication where and at which occasion the speech was hold and who the audience was. It must be certified that the content of the speech stems from your own originality and what the speech has resulted in. We would like to see and be able to judge the implications of the speech in real life. The preferred language is English or German, but feel free to apply also with speeches in other languages with a commitment to carry costs for the translation.
  • The application period ends September 30th, 2018 in order to give the jury ample time to come to a final decision.
  • The award winner declares his/her willingness to take part at the gala and present himself with a speech in front of the audience.
  • All speeches must have been held before July 31st 2018 and after January 1st 2016. The broad time-framework will allow a fair judgement about the impact of a speech or a public contribution to foster peace-building processes.

There will be a chance to discuss your own project with a neutral person before you decide to apply.

Apply for DC Speaker Award for Peace