DC Partner Temos Conference “International Healthcare”

The Diplomatic Council cordially invites to the “Healthcare Abroad & Medical Tourism” annual conference 2017 organized by its partner organisation Temos International, a global hospital certifier from December 3 – 5, 2017 in Duesseldorf (Germany).

The Temos Conferences reflect precisely where Temos International is active: quality and patient safety in international patient management in medical facilities worldwide in medical tourism and tourism medicine (emergency). The Conferences emphasize on the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the participants coming from the health insurance and assistance business, from hospitals and clinics worldwide but also from quality management and the hospitality sector.

The annual Temos Conference offers experts, decision makers and interested parties from hospitals and the medical travel market from 30 different countries an ideal platform for exchange, cooperation, and business.

“Dr. Google”

This year the Temos Conference will have a special focus on the challenges and threats of this upcoming new age in medical care. Big Data, machine learning, individualization, nanotechnologies,  3D printing and so on are some of the many buzzwords that indicate the increasing speed of upcoming changes in every feld of life including medicine. Web based services are now entering the feld of medicine and will dramatically increase their share in the market of the future. Also, patient care in hospitals will proft tremendously from the digital revolution. This also means that decisions on treatment procedures rapidly shift from personal expertise of individuals towards collecti- ve knowledge of information systems. This is certainly a threat to classical medicine, but will allow dramatic improvements of medical care in general and on individualized decision making.