Diplomatic Council

DC Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS)

The Diplomatic Council is preparing a new business segment called DC Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS) with the purpose of setting up its own range of services in order to assist companies in their expansion to international markets. The services offered include strategic development, localization of products and services, legal and tax advice, personnel and executive search, all types of marketing services, the development of sales concepts and distribution channels, the preparation and finalization of mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, the assessment of investment opportunities for promising companies including startups, small and medium-sized companies and large groups and last but not least providing high-level speaking opportunities at the United Nations. The DCAPS service will be officially announced at the DC Executive Club and presented at the DC Gala on Feb 2nd, in Frankfurt.

Leadership Team

The DC Advisory & Professional Services leadership team is made up of DC members with Ashwin Jayaram assuming responsibility for USA, Andreas Neumann for Europe und Irene Ho for Asia. Andreas Dripke will hold the position of Chairman DCAPS. All four leaders are present at the DC Gala on February 2 in Frankfurt.

One-Stop-Shop for Global Business

For this purpose, DCAPS closely collaborates with renowned service networks, investment funds and strategic consultancies in order to provide a comprehensive one-stop-service to its clients. The advantage of the DC Advisory & Professional Services over other providers: DCAPS is driven by the global network of the Diplomatic Council whose members are societal dignitaries, CEOs, ambassadors and politicians. All of them are door openers and offer contacts incomparable to any other organisations.

Exclusively for DC members

DC members can gain admission to the DCAPS Business Circle, means they can be included in the circle of companies that can offer services to potential clients. For DC Gold Status members this service is free. For DC Silver Status members the fee is € 1.500 monthly (minimum term 12 months).

Since the starting phase of DCAPS is scheduled for 2018/2019, the current fee for the DCAPS Business Circle is only € 150 monthly. Only DC members are entitled to participate in the DCAPS Business Circle. There is no claim for admission.

50 Billion Euro p.a. potential

The current potential investment volume of the DCAPS Business Circle amounts to approximately 50 Billion Euro annually, supported by funds from the USA, Russia, Israel and Switzerland. The representatives of the billion funds behind DCAPS will be present at the DC gala on February 2.

3 % for charitable purposes

In line with the DC code of honour, 3 % of the DCAPS sales shall be donated to the DC Foundation for charitable purposes. “DCAPS is an economic motor for social good” says DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen. The Diplomatic Council has obtained its United Nations consultative status with its vision that a thriving economy is a key factor to promote peace. This vision comprises amongst other a free and fair trade. DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger will present this vision at the DC gala on February 2 as well as at the DC side event which takes place during the 56th session of the UN commission for social development in New York.

First projects in USA and Asia

First DCAPS projects include:

The TwentyFourSeven cosmetic line was developed in Germany by entrepreneur DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger and recently launched by the DC Mission Los Angeles (Head of Mission: Abby Cubey).

Sri Lanka starts mass production of e-TukTuks. This project was initiated by DC President, Ambassador Buddhi Athauda with the support of DC Chairman Steef Korfker.

US-Chinese industrial group comes to Europe on a delegation trip and will be accompanied and taken care of by Francis Hoogewerft, Head of the DC Mission Luxembourg.