Diplomatic Council Students Program (DCS)

The Diplomatic Council Students Program (DCS) was founded in cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel to fulfil the need of bringing educated and vibrant students together and representing a new generations of critical thinkers. The Student Board is a well-established representative body that connects globally.

The DC Students Program is a network of students all around the world who share principles and motivations. It is a part of the Diplomatic Council and therefore follows the DC values and agenda. The aim of this program is to connect students worldwide who are responsibility takers for societies. Furthermore, to form them into future leaders with support of the DC members who are influential and highly recognised people from politics, economy, society, culture and sports.

The DC Students Program members are very motivated students from all disciplines who are committed, integrate, interested in international affairs and passionate about bettering this world.

Diplomatic Council Students Program - DCS

Diplomatic Council Students Program – DCS – Leadership Team with DC Founding President and Secretary General


By becoming a member of the DC Students Program you enter a network which will build your character, add fundamental qualities and help you to prepare and start an international career.

Further you hold the privilege of being part of a global network of leaders and a member of a global Think Tank which will surely benefit you for further careers steps. By becoming a member of the DC Students Program you will be registered into a database which is on request accessible to the selected DC corporate members who would like to contact the DC students.

You will further get the chance to meet DC members at regular events and build up relations that will later possibly lead to employment.

Additional, the DC is functioning as a spreader of ideas and encourage crucial thinking. In this framework we are in the process of establishing a research centre where you are welcome to publish your university papers that are related to the interests and responsibilities of the DC.

The Student Membership is valid until you are 27 years, after that you are invited to assign to a standard DC membership without having to apply newly. Requirement for being able to apply for a student membership is a university enrolment. Please hold therefore a university accreditation ready when applying online to us.

In return to enjoying benefits of becoming a member we would like to ask you to support our work by occasionally helping out organising events, translating documents or editing papers.

Please send a copy of your Students Accreditation issued by your Academy or University to students@diplomatic-council.org together with your application for a DC Students membership.