Diplomatic Council Los Angeles invites Gold Members

The Diplomatic Council Mission Los Angeles cordially invites DC Business Ambassadors, DC Business Consuls and Gold Members to the DOGANA Annual Spring Meeting to be held in Costa Mesa, California.

The meeting is organized by the Dow Graduates Association of North America (DOGANA) and will take place from March 30 to April 1. Together with Abby Cubey, Head of DC Mission Los Angeles, Andreas Dripke, Diplomatic Council CEO, and Hang Nguyen, Secretary General, will be introducing the Diplomatic Council to an audience of more than 500 top North American clinicians in Southern California.

DC Global Healthcare Forum

Presenting the Diplomatic Council at the annual meeting of the Dow University for Medical Science is a step in strengthening the DC Global Healthcare Forum in the USA. The annual meeting also offers the opportunity to partake in the Continuous Medical Education (CME) whose chairman, Dr. Syed Rahmanuddin, will be welcomed to the Diplomatic Council as a new member during the conference and appointed as Director DC Global Healthcare Forum.

Art, Culture and Entertainment

In addition to the medical education, the meeting also offers a variety of entertainment including art and culture. There will be a grand bazar, live entertainment, Comedian time, Urdu Poetry Session and much more in three days.