The Diplomatic Council VIP Referral Program

Use your personal VIP code in order to recommend the Diplomatic Council:

  • Your personal VIP referral code

    Each DC member is assigned a personal VIP referral code which can be obtained at under “My Membership (top right) under “VIP Referral”. If you have not been assigned a VIP code yet, please email to

  • Your VIP referral code is your recommendation

    You are encouraged to pass on this code to honorable personalities and responsible companies that wish to apply for an individual or corporate membership. This code is considered as a recommend­dation by the member issuing the code – means it is YOUR RECOMMENDATION.

  • Real WIN-WIN benefits

    If the VIP code you have provided to your contact person is used for the registration of a new membership, it has two consequences:

    1)   based on your recommendation, the person or corporation registering for a new membership will receive a 15% reduction on the one-time admission fee for the first year. This provides, however, that this person or company is accepted by the DC Ambassadors Circle.

    2)   The recommender of the VIP code being used (you) is rewarded with 15% of all membership fees (one-time admission fee and annual fee) as long as the recruited member remains a DC member and as long as the recommender (you) remains a Diplomatic Council member. If you or your recruited member leave the Diplomatic Council, this bonus agreement ends.

  • You decide what to do with your referral bonus

    It is up to you to use your referral bonus as you choose. If you want to, you can leave the bonus to the DC for the statutory use or you can donate it to a humanitarian or social project/organization. Of course, you can use your bonus for yourself or your beloved, however, keep in mind that when using the bonus for yourself, it will need to be taxed.

  • All referrals made transparent

    The bonus settlement and payment of all referrals are made once a year. All your recommendations and the respective bonuses are listed in your profile under “My Membership Profile” for your review.

EXAMPLE: Member A recommends company B for a corporate membership and provides B with his VIP referral code. B applies for membership and pays only € 1,829.63 (instead of € 1,963.50), the total amount including one-time admission and first-year membership rate. For this recommendation, member A is rewarded with € 274.44 in the first year and € 160.65 for each following year as long as B is a DC member. Over a period of ten years, this amounts to € 1,720.29. If member A recommends 20 companies in the course of one year, member A will get a bonus of € 34,405.80 within a span of ten years. If member A recommends 20 companies each year, member A will get a bonus of €688,116.00 in total over the ten years. And of course the program does not stop after ten years. All sums are including VAT.

IMPORTANT: As a DC member you know the objectives and values of the Diplomatic Council best. Please provide your VIP code only to persons or companies you believe to share our value system.

REMARK: the VIP code is only valid for the registration of new memberships, it is not valid for event tickets.