Certificate “DC Trusted Enterprise”

DC Siegel Trusted Enterprise

DC Siegel Trusted Enterprise

The quality certificate “DC Trusted Enterprise” can be awarded to all corporate members of the Diplomatic Council on request.

During the application and verification process of a corporate membership applicant the Diplomatic Council will carefully review not only the applying person(s) but also the applicant’s enterprise. For this purpose the Council of Ambassadors has established a Corporation Approval Institute which is responsible for handling the approval process of members to the Diplomatic Council. Each corporate member has gone through a comprehensive review process – thus is has deserved and is entitled to obtain the “DC Trusted Enterprise”.

This quality certificate serves as an orientation help for business and private clients because they can be certain to deal with an enterprise that is managed properly and lawfully and in accordance with the Global Corporate Guidelines of the Diplomatic Council. DC corporate members can obtain this certificate and are entitled to use it for marketing and distribution purposes (on their official business letters, brochures, websites, etc.). The fee for utilization of this certificate is included in the annual corporate membership fee.

The review and certification process for each corporate member will be renewed each year. The certificate is only valid for the year indicated. In case of violation or misuse the certificate will be withdrawn. The application for a corporate membership can be made online just as the application for the certificate “DC Trusted Enterprise”.

In case your membership application is rejected the full admission and annual fee will be returned to you.