Chairwoman: Dr. Bettina Horster

Dr. Bettina HorsterThe Diplomatic Council has appointed Dr. Bettina Horster as the Chairwoman of the Gobal Healthcare Forum. She hereby carries responsibility for the activities of the global think tank in the medical sector.

With Dr. Bettina Horster has most likely originated the most extensive Medical-Travel-Online-Comprisal with over 70,000 medical centers from more than 190 countries, such as Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. She is a member of numerous associations with the medical tourism sector and works in the Quality Indicator Committee for the identification of quality features and requirements in medical centers, particularly from the point of view of international patients.

Within the Diplomatic Council she takes over accountability for the qualification of medical institutions for international Patients.

Vice Chair & Board of Directors

Vice Chair: Dr. Claudia Mika, Managing Director Temos International

Board of Directors:

Klara Doert, DC Director Stem Cell Therapy, General Manager Business Development Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation
Frank Lievens, DC Director Telemedicin and eHealth, Secretary and Treasurer International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH)

Hospital Certifications for highest Quality

The Diplomatic Council medical program is designed for patients striving for more security and quality and for hospitals seeking more international patients.

  • “DC Preferred Partner Hospital” is the highest qualification standard and is only awarded  based on expert’s evaluation. The evaluation process takes several days and is undertaken after a month-long close coordination and preparation.
  • “Approved for International Patients” is based on the qualified self-disclosure of the hospital. This certificate can be obtained online.

Further information on the certificates are available here.

Hospital Directory Germany

A directory of 180 pages listing up qualified hospitals in Germany that are prepared for the treatment of international patients is available on request. More than 150 hospitals spread all over Germany are shown with a detailed description of their specialization and the kind of foreign patients they are focused on (including contact details and contact person).

In the interest of humanity, the Diplomatic Council distributes this “Hospital Directory for international Patients in Germany” free of charge which can be downloaded here. By doing so it is the Diplomatic Council’s intention to support international patients to find the right medical treatment.

At the same time the Diplomatic Council distributes this directory to all embassies, consulates and international organizations to provide a qualified orientation help.