Global Corporate Database of the Diplomatic Council

In this global business network, DC corporate members play the lead.
The Diplomatic Council has initiated a Global Corporate Database powered by Innovative International Consulting. This DC Corporate Database represents an important element for the DC strategy in making a contribution to safeguarding peace by promoting international business relations. Scientific studies from universities, as e.g. from the Vrije University of Brussels, have shown a direct relation between the material wealth gained through a prospering economy and the peacefulness of a region.

Screenshot of the DC Global Corporate Database Homepage

Screenshot of the DC Global Corporate Database Homepage

Basic Entry for all

To achieve the goal of promoting peace, the Basic Entry (Classic) in the DC Global Corporate Database is FREE for all enterprises all over the world. This entry includes the company name, its address, website, logo, contact details, industry classification and a short description of the company’s services and a reference on what the company is searching: the type of partnership (investor, business partner), the region in question (BRICS, EMEA, DACH), the continent or country in question. This company would provide the same information so it can be found by others. The comprehensive filter and search functions enable a fast and precise search for an adequate partner worldwide. The specific search for DC corporate members gets a preferred treatment.

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Premium Entry for DC Corporate Members

DC Corporate Members enjoy an extended Premium Entry in the Global Corporate Database free of charge, which usually cost 150 $ per year but is included in the corporate membership fee. This entry includes all functions and information of the basic entry but offers the following benefits in addition:

  • Highlighted, noticeable entry
  • Comprehensive corporate presentation
  • Comprehensive description of offers, services, products and projects
  • PDF files can be added for interested parties to download (data sheets, pictures, catalogues, etc.)
  • “DC Trusted Enterprise” certificate
  • Marked as a “Diplomatic Council Member” in the results list
  • More visibility, more information, more trustworthiness, more business

Companies who aim to be at the very top of the results list can purchase a Premium Plus Entry (250 $ annual fee for DC Corporate Members, 450 $ for non-members).

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Confidential information only for DC Corporate Members

If you wish to activate the free of charge Premium Entry as a DC Corporate Member, please click the following button (please log in before with username and password):

The Premium Entry is free of charge as long as the corporate member is registered as corporate membership with the Diplomatic Council.