Latest News from the Diplomatic world of the DC

DC Commission for UN Affairs established

The DC Commission for UN Affairs has created a paper on its working principles defining its way to work under the consultative status with the United Nations under the title „our mission – our vision – our way to work“. The paper defines that the Commission functions as the voice of all DC members towards the UN and it stipulates as its purpose the objective to support all 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations which aim at efficiently improving the living conditions for billions of people all over the world. It is the Commission’s ambition to make the Diplomatic Council one of the most influential non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the United Nations.

Diplomatic Council starts Global Knowledge Charter

The Global Knowledge Charter is a new and exclusive project of the Diplomatic Council based on the conviction that a globalized world needs globalized and new standards as to what should be commonly known worldwide, as to what kind of knowledge is relevant to foster a mutual global understanding and is relevant for the sake of freedom, peace and prosperity of all mankind.

First worldwide audit certificate for UN conformity

The Diplomatic Council, a global think tank in consultative status with the United Nations, has developed the first worldwide accountant’s certificate, which evaluates and documents a company’s conformity with the objectives of the United Nations. The “DC UN Audit” provides an opportunity for enterprises to have their company evaluated by an auditor as to whether their objectives and their actions are in line with the charter of the United Nations.

Diplomatic Council Global Media Innovator

The Diplomatic Council, a United Nations accredited global think thank, will be awarding its “DC Global Media Innovator” for the first time in 2016. Once a year the Diplomatic Council will give exclusive credit to the global protagonist of media, technology and platform convergence with the most impact on the future media driven society. The first awarding ceremony is going to take place at the Diplomatic Council All Nations Gala on January 25, 2016, in Frankfurt (Germany).

Diplomatic Council ALL NATIONS GALA 2016

The Diplomatic Council cordially invites to its traditional ALL NATIONS Gala on January 25, 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany). The upcoming gala reception offers special reasons for celebration. It is the first DC Gala that the Diplomatic Council organizes being in consultative status with the United Nations. It is also the first time the Diplomatic Council awards the international media prize “DC Global Media Innovator”.

Cooperation on port stability in South Asia and Africa

The Diplomatic Council (DC), a non-governmental global Think Tank accredited to the United Nations, and the South Asia and Africa Regional Port Stability Cooperative (SAARPSCO) have entered into a far-reaching, strategic partnership. The agreement stipulates that both parties mutually support each other with regards to projects, programmes and events.

DC represents Luz Maria Foundation in Europe

The Diplomatic Council represents the Luz Maria Foundation in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). The Luz Maria Foundation helps women who are victims of domestic violence and women in need by providing the tools they need to move forward in to their lives during their times of struggle.

Workshop « Slovak Automotive Industry »

Diplomatic Council member Imrich Donath, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, cordially invites the members of the Diplomatic Council to the workshop „Doing Business in Slovakia 2015 – Opportunities in the Slovak Automotive Industry“ at the IAA auto show in Frankfurt (Germany).