Global survey on Advanced Digitalization

Digitalization is impacting business environments and processes around us

If you are an influencer and/or decision maker please spend 10 minutes of your valued time for this survey about the digital future. First results will be presented at the Digital Summit Frankfurt on Dec, 1st, 2017.

Digital transformation, enabled by instantly available big data and moreover real time availability is affecting the way companies, governance or we as individuals will act in the near future. Similarly, digital transformation also changes how organizations have to think about their processes, how people interact, how they get skilled, also how they learn to work with machines, how we move from fear to opportunities.

Opportunity or threat?

For the Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute (DCOS-I) for Digital Transformation it is important to find out how this impacts you and your environment, how you look at digitalization overall and perceive the future. Do you in your current role see it as opportunity or threat?

To register for the survey, please click on the following button:

Furthermore we would like to recognize how politics can support all of us to make the best of digitalization. Therefore we ask known influencers and decision takers to participate in this short survey, which we kept by purpose open, means we want to get your top of mind thoughts opinions, not simple tip marks.

Answers and actionable input

The results of the survey will be translated into several DCOS-I whitepapers and should finally help you to get answers and actionable input, directly supported by us, to your most challenging question about strategies and tactics in this more and more
agile world. Furthermore we intend to mobilize decision makers at all levels (from politicians to the corporate world) to support you to make the most out of the opportunities connected with digitalization.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.


Otto Schell, CEO

The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation