GS Global Investments with 5 bil € for infrastructure projects

GS Global Investments, corporate member of the Diplomatic Council, has launched a program promoting infrastructure projects. The overall budget primarily intended to be used for governmental EPC/F project in Africa mainly power plants based on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind parks, power grid construction projects, as well as roads, bridges, ports, tunnels, and rail transit projects.

DC member, GS Global Investments specializes in developing large scale international energy and infrastructure projects. The company collaborate with large multinational energy and infrastructure contractors ranked in fortune 500 list that have an overall budget of 5 billion euros for financing and constructing infrastructure projects in Africa.

At present, GS global investment puts a regional focus on Africa and the Balkans. Cooperation with DC Directorate Africa and the DC Balkan Task Force has already been established to this end. In addition to its headquarters located in Berlin, GS maintains branch offices in Morocco and Croatia.

DC corporate members proposing potential financing projects and/or connections to high level governmental officials should address the General Secretariat of the Diplomatic Council. The same applies to other investors seeking to identify specific projects. Last year, the project volume “routed” by the Diplomatic Council amounted to more than 1 billion euros. Key areas were real estate and infrastructure projects as well as company holdings.