Invite the Diplomatic Council to your company

Companies are given the possibility to invite the UN accredited think tank Diplomatic Council (DC) to their premises, in order to debate on issues that are crucial for them as well as their clients. (“DC on-site”).

Diplomatic Council advises the UN

The Diplomatic Council (DC) unites a think tank, a business network and a charity foundation in one single organization. DC members believe that a prosperous economy significantly contributes to (social) peace. In order to fulfill this mission, the United Nations (UN) have admitted the Diplomatic Council to its Advisory Board. (UN consultative status).

80 % medium-sized entrepreneurs

Members include presidents, ministers, ambassadors, celebrities – but in particular companies taking their Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) seriously. 80 percent of the members are medium-sized companies, 5 percent corporations, 15 percent diplomats and celebrities. Each and every member has been thoroughly examined   by the Council of Ambassadors at the head of the Diplomatic Council before being admitted. For this reason as well as thanks to the UN Status, a high level of quality with regard to membership can be ensured.

DC bei SapientRazorfish

The time schedule is arranged in agreement with the company extending the invitation. Example: members and guests arrive at 19h. After a reception, keynote speakers of the Diplomatic Council as well as the host report on a topic of high relevance. In this context the receiving company presents itself (a tour of the company can be organized in case it is deemed useful). At approximately 20:30 networking starts while enjoying wine and fingerfood. The event ends at about 21:30. But this is just an example: the event can certainly also take place in the morning or afternoon.


The receiving company provides the premises and the catering for members and guests. The number of particpants is determined in mutual agreement, e.g. 20, 30 or 50 participants. There are no more expenses to be taken into account.


Helmut von Siedmogrodzki, Chairman Diplomatic Council,
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