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To be approved by the Council of Ambassadors

There are various possibilities to apply for a Diplomatic Council membership: become a corporate member (SILVER) or a Gold member.

All members need to be authorized by the Council of Ambassadors and considered as honorable. This creates trust amongst all members. Whoever wears a DC Needle is a honorary person.

Welcome to the “Club”!

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Member Status
Corporate Members
Gold Members
Status Card
Mitgliedsausweis GOLD Honorary Member
Invitations to DC events
Invitations to partner events
High quality contacts
DC Travel Service
DC Ticket Service
Access to medical help worldwide
“DC Trusted Enterprise”
DC Business XChange
Joint events
Services/products to club members
Lead a forum
VIP Status at all DC events
Preferred treatment in all DC matters
Invitations to exclusive DC Gold Events
Invitations to the Luxury Partner Events
Size of company
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Individual Gold
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17,850 €

Select your corporate membership:

all prices including VAT
Member Status
Size of company
up to 100 employees, 1 representatives
up to 500 employees, 2 representatives
up to 1,000 employees, 3 representatives
more than 1,000 employees, 5 representatives
10,000-49,999 employees, 10 representatives
from 50,000 employees, 15 representatives
1,071. €
2,142 €
4,284 €
8,568 €
17.136 €34.272 €

All benefits in detail:

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Invitations to all events (Individual | Corporate | Gold)

As a member you are invited to all events of the Diplomatic Council (ambassador’s receptions, new year’s receptions, summer celebrations, special lectures, business talks, get togethers, champagne tasting and many more exclusive events for invited guests). You will be meeting ambassadors and consuls, a circle that is usually difficult to get access to. Whoever attends an event at the private residence of the ambassador, is a decision maker on a higher level.

Invitations of events of DC partner clubs (Individual | Corporate | Gold)

You will receive invitations to events of our partner clubs and business associations.

High quality of contacts (Individual | Corporate | Gold)

On our numerous, jointly organised events with other business clubs you will continuously win new business partners. In this respect, the Diplomatic Council serves as a “business club” where members and guests do not solely touch base with diplomats but also and in particular with new business partners. Currently a business volume of more than 300 Million €  is scheduled. The “diplomatic level” represented by the Council of Ambassadors guarantees a high quality of contacts.

Seal „Trusted Company – UN Consultative Status“ (Corporate | Gold)

Diplomatic Council corporate members (silver and gold) are entitled to carry the ”DC Trusted Company“ in order to demonstrate their trustworthiness to their employees, clients, suppliers and other business partners. Each application for a corporate membership is carefully reviewed which is a prerequisite for the granting of the seal.

The evaluation of trustworthiness is executed by the Diplomatic Council as an organization in consultative status with the United Nations. For this reason, the seal also carries the addition: “UN Consultative Status“ because, as a matter of fact, each member can participate in the UN-related work of the Diplomatic Council.

After approval of the corporate membership, the seal is made available to the new corporate member in JPG format to allow the member to use the seal for marketing purposes on official letterheads, brochures, website, email signature, etc. as long as the company is a member.


Business Xchange Service (Corporate | Gold)

Corporate members can initiate targeted searches for business contacts all over the world through the Secretariat General. Distribution partners, suppliers, cooperations….via the global contact network of the Diplomatic Council you can (almost) always find the right contact persons. Equally important: as an option, corporate members can also receive these global requests from potential business partners. In this way, business friendships are created via the DC Business Xchange Service.

Joint Event (Corporate | Gold)

On request, corporate members can organise a joint event with the Diplomatic Council. This will provide an exclusive platform for them to introduce their products/services to potential clients while establishing new contacts at the same time.

Services/Products for Club members (Corporate | Gold)

Corporate members can offer their products/services to other DC members at reduced or special conditions. DC members benefit from the favourable prices while the bidders is likely to find new target groups which creates a win-win situation for both parties. A relationship of mutual trust is built.

Become a Chair of a Forum (Corporate | Gold)

Become a Chair or Director of a forum to drive a certain topic (studies, reports, events, etc.). The Diplomatic Council has already established forum covering sectors such as Healthcare, IT, Marketing, Logistics.

VIP Status at all DC events (Gold)

The DC Gold Status is your access to a very select circle within the Diplomatic Council. At numerous DC events, Gold members enjoy reserved seats and often, special VIP receptions are organized for gold members prior to the actual events.

Preferred treatment in all DC matters (Gold)

DC gold members are given top priority. For example, the Secretariat General will personally establish contacts to high-level contacts within the Diplomatic Council.

Invitations to exclusive DC Gold Events (Gold)

DC Gold members are regularly invited to events that are only open to a select circle of people such as the exclusive “Salon Diplomatique & Economique“ in Mannheim, the unique ”Ambassador of the Year Gala“ in Berlin, Investors’ Circles, Business Circles and United Nations conferences that are not open to the public at all.

Invitations to the Luxury Partner Events (Gold)

DC Gold members receive invitations to the gala events organized by exclusive luxury brands. These events provide a very stylish ambience to meet distinguished personalities and inspiring contacts.