New Head of Directorate Africa

With the Africa Directorate, the Diplomatic Council intends to contribute to the economic prosperity of the continent. The aim is to support and accelerate the economic development of all African countries on the condition that said achieved economic progress translates into social advancement and shall benefit all people on the African continent. The guidelines for all measures of the Diplomatic Council, not only but especially in Africa, are formed on the idea that economic action is only morally acceptable when the local people benefit in a concrete and sustainable manner.

With that as a foundation, the DC Africa Directorate supports companies from America and Europe in entering the market on the African continent. Which fields of business are of interest in Africa, which countries are best suited, what legal forms and contractual arrangements make sense, which sourcing and sales activities are successful, which contacts are essential and what should be avoided?

For all these and many other questions, an experienced DC team is ready for Africa: Bernd Hartmann (Head of DC Directorate Africa) and Elise Flach-Hartmann, born in Cameroon, have a lot of experience with African affairs.