About us

As members the Diplomatic Council welcomes both diplomats and personalities from economy, policy, society, science, culture, etc.

Main Bodies of the Diplomatic Council

  • DC Board of Presidents
  • Ambassadors Circle
  • Secretariat General
  • Executive Committee
  • Steering Committee


  • His Excellency, Buddhi Athauda, Founding President
  • Her Excellency, Marta Kos Marko, Ambassador of Slovenia
  • His Excellency, Dato Zulkifli Adnan, Ambassador of Malaysia
  • His Excellency, Shi Mingde, Ambassador of the Year 2015, Ambassador of the People’s Republic China
  • Her Excellency, Nongnuth Phetcharatana, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand (Ambassador of the Year 2014)
  • His Excellency, Toyeoi Shigeeda, Ambassador of Japan
  • Sarojini Seeneevassen-Frers, Ambassador of the Year 2013
  • His Excellency Enayatullah Nabiel, Ambassador of the Republic of Afghanistan

The Ambassadors Circle includes all Presidents plus ambassadors from numerous other countries.

Executive Committee

  • Hang Nguyen, Secretary General
  • Andreas Dripke, DC Chief Executive Officer to the UN

DC Business Ambassadors

  • Georg M. Diehl
  • Dr. Thomas Durchlaub
  • Raimund Hahn
  • Jamal A. Qaiser

Steering Committee

  • Dieter Brockmeyer, Chairman Global Media Forum
  • Wolfgang A. Braun, Chairman Global Chapter Program
  • Dr. Ralf Braune, Chairman Global Project Management Forum
  • Irene Ernst, Chairwoman Diplomatisches Magazin Berlin
  • Thomas J. Graebe, Chairman Global IT Forum
  • Dr. Bettina Horster, Chairwoman Global Healthcare Forum
  • Steef Korker, Chairman Global E-Mobility Forum
  • Sir Jayantha Kapuwatte, Chief of Protocol
  • Manual Kreitmar, Chairman Global Social Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Dr. Mehmet Köksal, Chairman Directorate Turkey
  • Dr. Thomas Lapp, Chairman Global Information Security Forum
  • Dr. Gerline Manz-Christ, Chairwoman Public Diplomacy Forum
  • Dr. Claudia Mika, Vice Chairwoman Global Healthcare Forum
  • Klaus-Ulrich Moeller, DC Commissioner for UN Affairs
  • Dirk Müller, Chairman Global Fair Finance Forum
  • Thorsten Nowak, Chairman Safer Internet for Children Initiative
  • Steffen Rabus, DC Commissioner for UN Affairs
  • Andreas Schubert, Chairman Global Corporate Culture Program
  • Ralf Schulten, Chairman Global Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Forum
  • Honorary Consul Nihal S. Samarasinha, Chairman Global Hotel Forum
  • Otto Schell, Chairman International Relations
  • Helmut von Siedmogrodzki, Chairman International Relations
  • Felix A. Schweikert, Chairman Speaking Forum and DC Commissioner for UN Affairs
  • Venetia van Kuffeler, Chairwoman Diplomat Magazin London
  • Gabriele Viebach, Chairwoman Global IT Forum and DC Commissioner for UN Affairs
  • Annika von Redwitz, Chairwoman Global Diversity Program
  • Horst Walter, DC Commissioner for UN Affairs
  • Frank Welsch-Lehmann, Chairman Digital Business

Board of Directors

  • Andreas Espenschied, Director Global Software Group
  • Alexander Maria Fassbender, Chapter Director Hamburg
  • Dr. Michael Fuchs, DC Special Representative CIO
  • Markus Miksch, Chapter Director Frankfurt
  • Marc Wehrhagen, Chapter Director Cologne

Permanent Representatives

  • Jia Xiao Fang, Permanent Representative Greater China
  • Anne Flechsig, Vice President Diplomatic Council Switzerland
  • Albert Frantz, Permanent Representative DC Mission Vienna
  • Dr. Urs Hassler, President Diplomatic Council Switzerland
  • Francis Hoogewerf, Permanent Representative Luxembourg
  • Dr. Andreas Klippe, Permanent Representative The Philippines
  • Claudia Kühne, Permanent Representative DC Mission Hanse
  • Helene Proelss, Permanent Representative DC Mission Stuttgart
  • Michiko Shigeeda, Permanent Representative DC Mission Japan
  • Luz Maria Utrera, Permanent Representative DC Mission Argentina
  • Noelle van Lonkhuyzen, Permanent Representative Luxembourg
  • Thomas Wüst, Permanent Representative DC Mission Munich

Active Members & DC Status Cards

The Diplomatic Council encourages its members to undertake activities which support the objectives, visions and values of the organisation. Each member receives his personal DC Status Card, which serves as an identification card with worldwide validity. DC members wear their status cards with pride and as a sense of belonging.

Members obtain their Status Cards in four versions:
White Card for Individual Members
Silver Card for Corporate Members
Gold Card for DC Gold Club Members and Consuls
Gold on Ribbon Card for DC Ambassadors

This unique card is created in joint global efforts. The material is purchased in Asia, sublimation handling comes from the US, the diamond engraving has its origin in Africa and the card is finished in Europe.

The Diplomatic Council considers communication to be the main instrument to enhance progress for a more peaceful world.

The following events are organised on a regular basis:

  • DC galas, receptions and summer celebrations
  • National and international conferences, colloquims, workshops and seminars
  • Country introduction events
  • Theme evenings on political, economic and societal issues
  • Lectures on educational and knowledge issues
  • Prize awards

Members of the Diplomatic Council are proud to wear their DC Status Cards at all events.