Latest News from the Diplomatic world of the DC

“Stromodrom” – Muscle-Powered Race Track

DC Art Director Sebastian Fleiter will present the worldwide unique “Stromodrom” (muscle-powered race track) at the DC Summer Celebration. In the evening of June 30, the e-cars will be racing through the courtyard of the Villa Kennedy – surely there has never been so much racing in this hotel. Each guest will be able to cycle!

The DC Executive Club Agenda for June 30, 2017

As per tradition, DC leaders from all countries and missions already meet at the DC Executive Club prior to the evening summer celebration. This select circle of DC Gold Members and DC Silver/Corporate Members introduces new missions, launches new activities and discusses relevant topics. Yet, there shall be enough time for the “DC thinkers and doers” to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

Embrace and Save Charity Gala in Madrid very successful

By the invitation of the Head of DC Mission Spain, Mr. Juan Lorente Gonzalez, the “Embrace and Save” Charity Gala in Madrid achieved its goal for the Internally Displaced People in Ukraine. This event with a noticeable humanitarian touch was dedicated to the inauguration of DC Mission Madrid. Starting from September, this event will be periodically followed by a number of events within the business and diplomatic environments with a clear reference to the principles stated by UN Department of Political Affairs (Diplomacy. Prevention. Action) and the principles of the Global Compact (Corporate Social Responsibility).

ASEAN Fashion Show at DC Summer Celebration

At the DC Summer Celebration on June 30, guests will be entertained with a phenomenal ASEAN fashion show. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of ASEAN, Designer Shanty will present exotic and extraordinary fashion that combine Asian finesse with European elegance.

Diplomatic Society joins the Diplomatic Council

The Diplomatic Society has entered into a partnership with the Diplomatic Council. The Diplomatic Society is based in South Africa’s capital Pretoria. With around 140 diplomatic missions and international organizations, South Africa’s capital ranks amongst those cities with the highest concentration of diplomats. As the most relevant publication, Diplomatic Society informs the diplomatic community in South Africa and supports all diplomats in their various missions to promote business, investments and tourism. Through collaboration with Diplomatic Society, the Diplomatic Council aims at supporting its members in their efforts in South Africa. DC members are welcome to attend events of the Diplomatic Society.

Cooperation with Young Global Pioneers of Birgitte Hagemann Snabe

At the Summer Celebration, the Diplomatic Council is going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Young Global Pioneers (YGP) organisation. YGP was founded by social entrepreneur Birgitte Hagemann Snabe in order to encourage highly talented students from all over the world to make a social contribution beyond their own career.

Hang Nguyen honored with Global Community Innovators Award

At the Founder’s Gala of Global Tassels, Secretary General Hang Nguyen will be honored with the 2017 Global Community Innovators Award. Global Tassels is an academics’ organisation based in Washington D.C. and gives the Global Community Innovators Awards to different individuals who have worked on innovative programs related to their field of expertise. From education to business; from information technology to social services; from medicine to engineering – all in service and engagement, contributing to the betterment of humanity.

Diplomatic Council celebrates its fifth Summer Celebration

This year, the Diplomatic Council celebrates its fifth Summer Celebration.

It all started in 2013 when a DC member invited the DC to organize its first Summer Celebration on the gorgeous roof terrace right in the heart of Frankfurt. In the years to come, DC members and guests gathered at the Villa Rothschild which is part of the Kempinski group which again belongs to the Thai royal family. The Villa Kennedy was selected as a venue following the recommendation of DC President, Ambassador Nongnuth of Thailand. Last year, the Diplomatic Council celebrated at the castle Schloss Rettershof, again a member of the Diplomatic Council. This year, the DC Summer Celebration returns to Frankfurt and will take place at the 5***** luxury hotel Villa Kennedy which is of course a member of the Diplomatic Council.