Predictive analytics – Software against terror

On the occasion of the Vienna reception, the Diplomatic Council Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) has presented a concept for “intelligent video surveillance” to be installed at public places, airports, railway stations, sport arenas, etc. in order to prevent terror. Jörg Hensen, DC Director IT Security and DC Trusted Advisor introduced this software which combines video surveillance with predictive analytics.

This system continuously evaluates video surveillance in real time with the help of artificial intelligence and triggers off alarms as soon as it detects critical situations. The operator, as for example a municipality or an airport, are free to determine the criteria for a critical situation and how the alarm is to be triggered off. By means of a software, faces can be pixelated automatically in order to comply with data protection.

Surely, this type of automatic surveillance of people through artificial intelligence raises questions about “security and freedom”. The balance between security and freedom has to be individually struck by each person and each society but it is a matter of fact that there is no freedom without security!

“We are not talking about a prototype but about a system that is ready for use”, says director Jörg Hensen.