Further to its think tank related tasks, the Diplomatic Council is also a global business network which is organised across all industries and divided in sectoral forums, programs, initiatives, directorates and branches.

Today the Diplomatic Council is structured as follows:

  • A Forum focuses on sector-specific topics such as aviation, healthcare, human space flight, information technology, logistics, art, media, internet, hotels, human resources, etc.
  • A Program covers a cross-industry activity such as the Global Chapter Program, the Global NetworKing Program or the Global Corporate Culture Program, etc.
  • An Initiative has a humanitarian and social character such as the Safer Internet for Children Initiative, the Zero Mothers Die Initiative, etc.
  • A Directorate concentrates on a geopolitical or economical area such as the European Integration or the ASEAN trade agreement or a conflict area such as the Middle East.
  • A Regional Branch encompasses a metropolis, a country or an area of activities (e.g. Monaco, New York, Brussels, Frankfurt).