Directorate Latin America

Chairwoman: Dr. Luz Maria Utrera

The DC Directorate Latin America assumes responsibility for Central and Latin America as well as the Caribbean and addresses a population of more than 500 million people. Per definition the term “Latin America” is differentiated into the Spanish-, Portuguese and English speaking countries. However, the Diplomatic Council’s Latin America Directorate includes all countries south of Mexico taking into consideration the differences between these countries with respect to their languages, history, society, their social system and their political and economic structures. A further breakdown into country representation is planned in the future.

The headquarters of the new directorate will be split: in addition to the main headquarters in
Santiago del Ester (Argentina), there will be another office in New York. Further DC Missions are planned in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The Directorate Latin America complements the Directorate The Americas which is based in New York and assumes responsibility for Canada, the USA and Mexico which means that the Diplomatic Council’s directorates cover the entire American continent. A refinement into further country missions is in progress.