Global Chapter Program

A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors for peace. This revelation was the motivation for the Diplomatic Council to establish the Global Chapter Program with the purpose to enhance entrepreneurship. Just as the Global Education Program, it is part of a worldwide initiative created to promote economic independence.

Doing good business and a good deed

Becoming a member of a chapter is recommendable if you would like to profit from the Diplomatic Council in an intensive, continuous and business-oriented way. You can use it as a business network with the specific intention to gain new clients. Taking part in a chapter program requires regular effort and commitment which, however, will lead to business-relevant recommendations and contacts.

A chapter offers a platform for DC corporate members who are specialised in various sectors and who pro-actively recommend themselves or their companies. Each chapter member carries the business cards of his chapter partners with him and, while conducting his regular business activities, recommends its partner whenever appropriate. As a prerequisite, all chapter partners shall meet regularly in order to get to know each other better. For this reason, each chapter meets twice a month for a business breakfast from 08:30 – 10:30 so that members can update each other, exchange concrete recommendations, pass on contacts and discuss business matters.

Diplomatic Due: 3% for humanitarian and social purposes

All partners in a chapter have committed themselves to donate 3% of all revenues generated by businesses that were recommended within the chapter. The Diplomatic Council shall spend this 3% contribution for humanitarian, charity and social purposes (Diplomatic Due). An independent committee monitors the correct disposition of this diplomatic due according to the DC Constitution as it was accepted by the United Nations. Hence, the chapter conception combines doing good business and at the same time doing a good deed.

Corporate members participating in a Diplomatic Council Global Chapter Program take a global lead in uniting economy and humanity. This is a perfect and concrete example of how a prospering economy generating sales can be of benefit and help for the less privileged ones.

The Council of Ambassadors has approved this conception because it ensures that the core motivation of the Diplomatic Council, namely the Diplomacy meets Business conception, will make a lasting contribution to enhance humanity and safeguard peace all over the world.

Business Breakfast with “Turbo Booster”

Entrepreneurs who like the concept of a systematic and efficient generation of new business contacts by means of recommendation can attend the Business Breakfast on a trial in order to get a feeling for this format. There are no other obligations related to this trial other then paying your breakfast. If this close collaboration is agreeable to you, you can apply for membership in a chapter. Participation in a chapter is recommended for those who are interested in driving their businesses more intensively and who would like to promote their own business with a turbo booster.

Registration for a Chapter Business Breakfast

If you wish to attend a DC Chapter Business Breakfast, please contact the DC Chapter Chair Wolfgang A. Braun at to find out about the dates and times in your region.