Protecting our children

The Diplomatic Council Safer Internet for Children Initiative was founded 5 years ago building on the White IT Alliance which is a project launched by the State of Lower Saxony. White IT came into being 8 years ago and is a unique worldwide alliance of over 80 different actors from politics, industry, law enforcement authorities, trade unions, associations, victim protection authorities, science and public administration.

On the occasion of the Diplomatic Council side event at Geneva Peace Week, DC Commissioner for UN Affairs and Chairman of the DC Safer Internet for Children Initiative, Thorsten Nowak, alerted to the danger of the globally increasing sexual abuse against children. The primary objective is to protect the children so a strategy has been developed in order to combat sexual violence against children which consists of legal, preventive and technical actions as well as victim support and therapy for offenders.

Alarming Studies

It is not an easy task. Studies have revealed the following frightening challenges:

  • 1-4% of the male population shows paedophiliac tendencies
  • 50% of the consumption of material showing child abuse is beyond social control
  • Every second child has a sexual incident while growing-up
  • Conclusion: 2,5 million paedophile are active in European companies!

These figures presented at Geneva Peace Week clearly show that child abuse should not only concern politics or society but also companies bear responsibility and cannot ignore these threats. Almost 50% of all child pornographic material is consumed beyond any social control.

A wide range of countermeasures

One of the most effective countermeasure is to strengthen children, teaching them to assess dangerous situations and to say “No”. To this end, White IT has created educational booklets branded with the „Diplomatic Council High Education Value“ seal of which more than 4 million copies have been distributed to kindergartens, schools, child aid associations, the Red Cross, etc. A virtual reality App is available for children and teenagers. Further opportunities to raise awareness are at UN conferences in New York, Geneva and Vienna, at police congresses, EU briefings, medical conferences, children’s sport events.

European Police Congress 2018

At the upcoming Police Congress scheduled for February 2018, the Diplomatic Council will be present to raise awareness for the importance of child protection through prevention.