Sascha Zilger nominated new DC Business Ambassador

The Ambassadors’ Circle of the Diplomatic Council has nominated Sascha Zilger new DC Business Ambassador. The festive inauguration will take place on the occasion of the Diplomatic Council annual reception at the prestigious senate hall of the Vienna townhall on September 15. A full-blooded and exemplary entrepreneur, Sascha Zilger is honored and delighted to invite DC members to witness his inauguration.

Designated DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger mit den Botschaftern Vietnams, Thailands, Malaysias und der Phillippinen sowie seinem Wirtschaftsbotschafterkollegen Jamal Qaiser und weiteren DC Mitgliedern

Designated DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger with the ambassadors of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, The Phillippines and Sri Lanka and his colleagues, DC Business Ambassador Jamal Qaiser, DC CEO to the UN Andreas Dripke, Secretary General Hang Nguyen and DC members. 

Highest-ranking position within Diplomatic Council

This position is the highest-ranking position a member can hold after the accredited diplomat. The DC Business Ambassador position includes a lifelong membership and is offered to dignitaries who combine economic success with social commitment in an outstanding way and who share the visions and values of the Diplomatic Council. DC Business Ambassadors are men or women who assume responsibility for society and act according. Sascha Zilger’s company, TwentyFourSeven Cosmetics, as the first enterprise, has expressed the wish to join the Alliance against Abuse which will be official launched during the Vienna reception.

Sascha Zilger celebrates his inauguration on the occasion of the DC annual reception at the prestigious senate hall of the Vienna city hall which is not open to the public.