DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger Speech about Free and Fair Trade

DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger gave a  keynote speech at the United Nations 56th Commission for Social Development in New York, which was well received by UN representatives and guests. His topic “free and fair trade”.

DC Business Ambassador Sascha Zilger´s Keynote about free and fair trade at the United Nations in New York:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Representatives  of the United Nations, Members of the Diplomatic Council, dear Guests

Freedom and fairness are among the most precious values the human race owns. Yet all over the world, these values are violated, and this is something that the Diplomatic Council and myself strongly oppose.

Restrictions to freedom happen not only in the event of a fence being built around a country limiting the freedom of travel for the population. Freedom is also lost whenever the free flow of goods and services to and from a country is restricted. The strategy currently followed by many governments is to rather produce in their own regions instead of importing. At the same time, these governments strive for a strong export believing their own merchandise is of superior quality.

This is wrong in my opinion. I argue in favor of a free and fair trade and free means in this context: goods and services shall be delivered and supplied across domestic borders in an easy and unbureaucratic way with no trade barriers.

Already 300 years ago Adam Smith has detailed in his book “The Wealth of Nations” that economic isolation and protectionism causes damages to the countries, in particular to the population. More than 200 years ago, economist David Ricardo has already proven that a free foreign trade is advantageous for all economies.

Basically, the conclusion is simple: for a country it is most profitable to manufacture only goods that it can produce with a higher productivity than in other countries. All other products should be imported. In this way, all countries shall benefit from global trade – as long as it is fair.

Fair means to me, that rules and regulations are necessary in order to organize the free world trade. We have to ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved, both in the country of origin and country of arrival. What is mandatory is not a national but and international regulation. This is what a free trade agreement is about – this is why free trade agreements are so important. In the ideal case, we would have one single global free trade agreement covering all 193 UN member states!

And this is exactly what I, in my function as a Diplomatic Council Business Ambassador, am fighting for – a free and fair world trade. There is no other organization more global and better suited to take over this huge task than the United Nations. Taking advance of our consultative status with the United Nations, the Diplomatic Council shall make every effort to achieve a global free trade agreement between this community of states.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we won’t succeed with our plan by tomorrow but it won’t take forever either. This goes out to all the entrepreneurs sitting in this room: entrepreneurship crosses all boundaries overcoming domestic and competitive borders. I know from my own experience. When I introduced a new concept for a new cosmetic line 4 years ago, I faced only rejection. The position of the cosmetic groups was: cosmetics should feel good but it should not be effective – why? Because the customers are supposed to buy the cosmetic again and again and again.

However, our concept was just the other way round: we wanted to create a cosmetic that would be extremely effective. But since the big groups have refused to work with us, we have established our own brand called ONE and are organizing our own production, marketing and distribution.

And we were right in doing so! Our cosmetics line is no available in 28 countries. We were happy to enter the US market with the help of Mrs Abbey Cubey. She is the Head of the Diplomatic Council´s Mission Los Angeles, organized the best market entry into the US one could think of, we became friends and now she is here with us coming all the way from LA Hollywood to our DC Gala here in Frankfurt.

This is by the way a very good example how a cross-border exchange of goods and services also contributes to promoting international understanding and peace.

And this is exactly why I have joined the Diplomatic Council because it fights for diplomacy, even in hard times. This is why I have taken the oath on humanity and reason and on the charter of the United Nations. It is an honour for me to serve as a Business Ambassador on behalf of the Diplomatic Council . Thank you!”