“Stromodrom” – Muscle-Powered Race Track

DC Art Director Sebastian Fleiter will present the worldwide unique “Stromodrom” (muscle-powered race track) at the DC Summer Celebration. In the evening of June 30, the e-cars will be racing through the courtyard of the Villa Kennedy – surely there has never been so much racing in this hotel. Each guest will be able to cycle!

In earlier times, each children’s room was equipped with it: a Carrera race track. Stromodrom is such a race track, however, much bigger and equipped with electric finesse: while the miniature sports cars are racing at a tremendous speed, the drivers must use their human and muscle power. This is because the electricity for the cars does not come from the socket but is generated by muscle power. Means: the more power is used, the faster the cars.

New artistic interpretation of e-mobility

With playful approach and sporting ambition, the Stromodrom evokes interest and awareness for topics such as e-mobility and power generation. At the same time, a children’s toy turns into a spectacle for all ages. The key feature: all tracks can be powered with bike generators or with electric guitars (worldwide unique). Hence, the Stromodrom has little to do with illuminated vehicles, light effects and the original Carrera race track. It is rather a good example of how entertaining art can be.