The June 30 DC Announcements

During this years DC Executive Club and Summer Celebration several major announcements have been made. Here is an overview.

Convention on Renewable Energy

It was a historical moment when DC Founding President Amb. Buddhi Athauda announced the Diplomatic Council´s proposal for a Global Convention on Renewable Energy Project Financing and Regulatory Framework.

Universal Power Station for e-Cars

DC Chairman for e-mobility Steef Korfker introduced at the Summer Celebration the world´s first power supply station that works for nearly all e-cars. Ready for use in public places.

Diversity Award

DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen presented the Diplomatic Council´s diversity program and awarded Sapient Razorfish together with DC Chairs Andreas Schubert from Great Place to Work and Annika von Redwitz with the Diversity Award 2017. Congratulations!

Network of Digital Experts

The Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute) started a global network of experts for digitalization.

Art, Students & Missions

DC Art Director Sebastian Fleiter showcased the world-famous Stromodrom – connecting art and e-mobility.

The DC Students Program (DCS) was relaunched with Fabian Jaskotka as Head of DCS.

Head of DC Mission Spain Juan Ignacio Lorente Gonzalez invited to numerous fashion, sports and charity gala events in Madrid.

Head of DC Mission Benelux Dominique van Himelreijk invited to join the DC World in Transition Symposium on Sep 1 at the World Port Days in Rotterdam.