VIPs at Diplomatic Council Singapore Launch on March 22

The Diplomatic Council is expecting a number of important guests on the occasion of the launch of its Singapore Mission on March 22 which is organized by Irene Ho, Head of DC Mission Singapore and hosted by H.E. Ambassador Dato’ Zulkifli Adnan, the Malaysian ambassador who joined the DC Board of Presidents back in 2017 in Germany. The opening will be also attended by Dato’ Dr Sharifah Fauziah Alhabshi and Dr. Navindra Nageswaran, Permanent Representatives of the Diplomatic Council Mission Malaysia.

New ambassadors joining the Diplomatic Council

At the reception, several further ambassadors will become new Diplomatic Council members. Some ambassadors such as H.E. Ambassador Bruce Gosper, High-Commissioner of Australia to Singapore, have already become DC members.

UHNWI with keen interest

From the business side, in particular UHNWI have confirmed their attendance because apparently, the Diplomatic Council has aroused great interest amongst this target group. This is owing to the fact that most of these UHNWI are friends or acquaintances of DC Head Irene Ho who is known as one of the best connected persons in Singapore.

Georg Diehl and Sascha Zilger from Europe

DC Business Ambassadors Georg Diehl and Sascha Zilger will represent Europe. Sascha will deliver a short speech on his experiences as a DC Business Ambassador. The successful launch of his TwentyFourSeven cosmetics line in America is considered the first „proof of concept“ for the new DC Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS). A visit to the Singapore polo club is scheduled for the delegation accompanied by Georg Diehl who is the owner of the polo club in Frankfurt.

Daniel McKee and Robert Damalouji from the USA

Diplomatic Council US President Daniel McKee as well as Diplomatic Council US Legal Counselor Robert Damalouji have also confirmed their attendance. Daniel McKee will present the Diplomatic Council US activities and also elaborate on the DCAPS program.

DCAPS unique worldwide

With support from the global network of the Diplomatic Council whose members are dignitaries, C-level executives, ambassadors and politicians, DCAPS will offer very unique capabilities to clients. The management consulting services focus on solving complex challenges through on-demand, agile and multi-disciplinary teams. Lawyer Robert Damalouji from Washington D.C. together with lawyer Andreas Neumann from Munich have already landed a deal under the DCAPS umbrella: they will take care of trademark issues for Bonowi, a company based in Mainz that has just joined the Diplomatic Council as a new member.

DCAPS is in particular interesting for members offering the following services: consulting, sales & distribution, marketing, finance & investment management, human resources, executive search, legal, tax and auditing, digitalization, training and all other services that are of interest for companies.

Exklusive Gold Circle

Following the official opening, DC Business Ambassadors and Gold Members are invited to an exclusive lunch the next day, hosted by the Egyptian ambassador in his residence.

Visit to Singapore Polo Club

A visit to the Singapore Polo Club is scheduled for the DC delegation on the 3rd day which is in particular interesting because DC Business Ambassador Georg Diehl is the owner of the Polo Club in Frankfurt. On the occasion of the German Polo Open on May 27 in Frankfurt, Georg invites all DC members to his tournament.