White Paper “Chemistry creates prosperity”

Chemistry creates prosperity. However, this is not always immediately appreciated – which is emotionally understandable when emergencies involving technical failures or misjudgments occur. But viewed rationally, many, many people already benefit greatly from Chemistry today. Chemistry is changing: with more sustainable processes, Green Chemistry and new market participants. This is where Start-ups play an increasingly important role. Chemistry is redefining itself: away from being just the inventors of new molecules and materials towards becoming a problem-solving industry with many players from other disciplines. It is about living together across borders, also in order to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals together, such as zero hunger on earth, no poverty, sustainable economic growth.

With a new White Paper by Dr. Holger Bengs, Chairman of the DC Global Chemistry Forum, the Diplomatic Council is becoming involved in Chemistry for the first time, and accompanies this change from the position of a strong, committed and international member community: from person to person and for us all as human beings.