Coloratura Soprano
Coloratura Soprano

Coloratura soprano, concert and opera singer Karine Minasyan will be performing at the Diplomatic Council Summer Celebration travelling from the German National Theatre to the castle hotel for this purpose. Her performance is accompanied by pianist Albert Frantz. At the summer celebration, this dream duo will make the hearts of music fans beat faster.

Karine Minasyan is considered one of the outstanding and promising talents in the international cultural sector.

Artistic career

Karine Minasyan comes from Eriwan (Armenia) and completed her bachelor’s degree at the state conservatoire ”Komitas” in Eriwan.

Since October 2013 she has been studying at the Hannover University for music, theatre and media. Within a span of two years, she has completed her second bachelor and has started her master’s degree.

Currently, Karine has an assignment at the German National Theatre in Weimar.