Global Quality Certificates for medical facilities and medical travel coordinators

The Diplomatic Council healthcare forum and quality program was designed for patients striving for more security and quality and for medical facilities and medical travel coordinators seeking more international patients. Diplomatic Council grants two quality awards:

  • “Diplomatic Council – Preferred Partner Hospitals” and “Diplomatic Council – Preferred Partner Clinics” meet the highest qualification standards and are only awarded based on the Temos accreditation's evaluation. This process includes a respective preparation period of several months and an onsite evaluation of two to five days.
  • “Diplomatic Council – Preferred Partner Medical Travel Coordinators” meet the highest qualification standards for facilitators. The award is based on neutral, third-party international experts’ evaluation. This process includes a respective preparation period of several months.



Worldwide Quality Certificate

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This is the worldwide superior Diplomatic Council quality certificate for medical facilities as well as medical travel coordinators that offer treatment for international patients within the scope of medical tourism, tourism medicine, and medical services for business travelers and expatriates.

The quality seal will be awarded after the successful passing of the respective Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) program. Temos International is a neutral and independent Healthcare Accreditation body that accredits hospitals, clinics, dental center, IVF clinics, rehabilitation centers, eye clinics, and medical travel coordinators all around the world to raise the quality of medical and non-clinical services for domestic and international patients.

The Diplomatic Council appreciates the Temos International approach trusting in the Temos quality system and the experience of the international assessors that have many years of experiences in the medical sector as physicians and quality experts.

Medical facilities applying for the Diplomatic Council quality certificate and to be listed in the “Diplomatic Council – Preferred Partner” Directory have to complete the programs of Temos International. Presently, more than 80 medical service providers and medical travel coordinators on five continents have passed the accreditation by Temos International.


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Benefits of the superior Diplomatic Council Quality Certificates:

  • You will be listed in the Diplomatic Council “Diplomatic Council – Preferred Partner” Directory
  • You will be officially recommended to all partner embassies and consulates by the Diplomatic Council (only those facilities with the highest quality standards will be recommended to these embassies and consulates)
  • You will be granted the Diplomatic Council Certificate seal „Diplomatic Council Preferred Partner Hospital“, „Diplomatic Council Preferred Partner Clinic“ und “Diplomatic Council Preferred Partner Medical Travel Coordinator“ – Recommended by Diplomatic Council” for all marketing purposes of your clinic (website, brochures, etc.)
  • Admission into corporate annual membership in the Diplomatic Council with all benefits


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