Latest News from the Diplomatic Council


Millions of people live their lives with strict limitations and are not able to participate in the progress made through modern technology because of their disability. They are handicapped because they sit in a wheelchair, are blind or physically or mentally disabled.

DC member Perjan Duro has developed an app for smartphones that enables visually impaired people to regulate their financial transactions. This initiative will be useful for over 30 millions visually impaired people in Europe and more than 43 millions in the USA.

DC presents at Geneva Peace Week

A delegation of six Diplomatic Council members jointly attended the Geneva Peace Week on November 7. The delegation also organized its first side event which took place at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. This year, Geneva Peace Week’s priority theme was the prevention of violent conflicts in line with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ strategy which prefers „Diplomacy for Peace“ over the military efforts of the blue helmets.

DC Partner Temos Conference “International Healthcare”

The Diplomatic Council cordially invites to the “Healthcare Abroad & Medical Tourism” annual conference 2017 organized by its partner organisation Temos International, a global hospital certifier from December 3 – 5, 2017 in Duesseldorf (Germany). This year the Temos Conference will have a special focus on the challenges and threats of this upcoming new age in medical care. Big Data, machine learning, individualization, nanotechnologies,  3D printing and so on are some of the many buzzwords that indicate the increasing speed of upcoming changes in every feld of life including medicine. Web based services are now entering the feld of medicine and will dramatically increase their share in the market of the future. Also, patient care in hospitals will proft tremendously from the digital revolution.

Compliance Forum established

The Diplomatic Council (DC) has established a Global Compliance Forum under the leadership of DC Business Ambassador Dr. Thomas Durchlaub, Lawyer and Notary, MBA, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Certified Compliance Officer, Certified Compliance Auditor, Chief Compliance Officer of the Diplomatic Council. Compliance risks are manifold and they occur on a day to day basis in the constantly changing business landscape. The Global Compliance Forum has set itself the tasks to comprehinsively process the numerous compliance risks omnipresent in daily economic life for members and other relevant financial actors. Within the Global Compliance Forum, the Diplomatic Council cooperates closely with the commissions of the United Nations, which have dedicated their work to this range of topics. First and foremost, we should mention the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) in this context, which has been extensively consulted by the Diplomatic Council on comtemporary compliance topics.

Global survey on Advanced Digitalization

Digitalization is impacting business environments and processes around us. If you are an influencer and/or decision maker please spend 10 minutes of your valued time for this survey about the digital future. First results will be presented at the DC Digital Summit Frankfurt on Dec 1st.

Universal charging station for electric cars

At the November 15 e-car summit organised by the DC SME Forum, the DC E-Mobility Forum will present and demonstrate a new generation of intelligent charging station for e-cars produced by Ecotap. The product range includes a home-use charging station, wall chargers for the use in parking garages, a compact stand-alone charging station for two cars and a full-load unit for car convoy.

Diplomatic Council

The Diplomatic Council (DC) is a United Nations (UN) accredited, global Think Tank founded with the objective to serve as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society.

A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors for peace. As members the Diplomatic Council welcomes not solely representatives of the diplomatic or consular corps but also personalities from industry, politics, society, culture and sports. The DC network encompasses more than 5000 personalities worldwide.

The main aim of the Diplomatic Council is to contribute the combined power of diplomacy and business for peace everywhere on earth. Worldwide cooperation is the only instrument which may help in solving international problems on any level: economical, social, cultural or humanitarian.

The Diplomatic Council is a United Nations registered Civil Society Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and shall follow the principles of the charter of the United Nations Organization. The respect of human rights and fundamental freedom of people without differentiation in races, gender or religion should be cultivated and strengthened. The Diplomatic Council belongs to the “integrated Civil Society Organizations” (iCSO) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) which is responsible for the interaction between civil society organizations like the Diplomatic Council and the United Nations Organization.