Latest News from the Diplomatic Council

Diplomatic Council educational sponsorships for children and adolescents

At the Gala 2018, the Diplomatic Council will launch a worldwide program offering its members to take over educational sponsorships, in particular for orphans. The members’ donations will be used exclusively to finance a vocational training or a study of a child or adolescent which cannot afford education without external assistance.

This program is headed by DC Business Ambassador Dr. Thomas Durchlaub with the support of DC corporate member Annette Habermann as the coordinator.

DC Members are invited by UN Geneva

The Members of the Diplomatic Council are invited to join the commemoration of the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, organized by the United Nations Office at Geneva. On this occasion, and with the kind support of the permanent missions of Israel and the United States, a ceremony will be held on January, 29, 2018, in the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The main objective will be to reassert the commitment of the international community to uphold the values of human rights.

Global Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking Countries joins Diplomatic Council

The Diplomatic Council and the Global Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking Countries (GCoC Portuguese) have entered into a partnership to promote economic diplomacy. Both organizations share the same vision that a thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantor for peace. This is a major step to further establish the Diplomatic Council in Brazil and Portugal and some smaller countries.

DC Global Media Innovator to be awarded at DC Gala 2018

The DC Global Media Innovator 2018 will be awarded on the occasion of the Diplomatic Council Gala on February 2, 2018 in Frankfurt. The award recognizes the most innovative and influential company in the digital media world.

Diplomatic Council

DC Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS)

The Diplomatic Council is launching DC Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS), a management consulting practice. With support from the global network of the Diplomatic Council whose members are dignitaries, C-level executives, ambassadors and politicians, DCAPS will offer very unique capabilities to clients. Our management consulting services focus on solving complex challenges through on-demand, agile and multi-disciplinary teams. The Diplomatic Council has the unique advantage of its global network of members to fuel the growth of DCAPS through unparalleled client relationships, business development opportunities, investment opportunities, and high caliber of expertise across numerous domain areas. In addition to working with clients to offer management consulting services, the formation of DCAPS offers clients and Diplomatic Council members access to 300-500 million Euro available investment funds for qualified business ventures. The representatives of the investment funds will also be present at the DC gala on February 2, 2018.

German Ambassador Dr. Heinrich Kreft designated DC President

The German Ambassador Dr. Heinrich Kreft hat been nominated to become the Diplomatic Council`s next President. His festive Inauguration will take place at the DC Gala on February 2, in Frankfurt (Germany). He will be the first Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to join the Diplomatic Council´s Board of Presidents.

Diplomatic Council

The Diplomatic Council (DC) is a United Nations (UN) accredited, global Think Tank founded with the objective to serve as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society.

A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors for peace. As members the Diplomatic Council welcomes not solely representatives of the diplomatic or consular corps but also personalities from industry, politics, society, culture and sports. The DC network encompasses more than 5000 personalities worldwide.

The main aim of the Diplomatic Council is to contribute the combined power of diplomacy and business for peace everywhere on earth. Worldwide cooperation is the only instrument which may help in solving international problems on any level: economical, social, cultural or humanitarian.

The Diplomatic Council is a United Nations registered Civil Society Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and shall follow the principles of the charter of the United Nations Organization. The respect of human rights and fundamental freedom of people without differentiation in races, gender or religion should be cultivated and strengthened. The Diplomatic Council belongs to the “integrated Civil Society Organizations” (iCSO) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) which is responsible for the interaction between civil society organizations like the Diplomatic Council and the United Nations Organization.