Latest News from the Diplomatic Council

Invite the Diplomatic Council to your company

Companies are given the possibility to invite the UN accredited think tank Diplomatic Council (DC) to their premises, in order to debate on issues that are crucial for them as well as their clients. (“DC on-site”).

Diplomatic Council advises the UN

The Diplomatic Council (DC) unites a think tank, a business network and a charity foundation in one single organization. DC members believe that a prosperous economy significantly contributes to (social) peace. In order to fulfill this mission, the United Nations (UN) have admitted the Diplomatic Council to its Advisory Board. (UN consultative status).

Thailand’s ambassador new member of the Diplomatic Council

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand in Berlin, His Excellency Dr. Dhiravat Bhumichitr, joined the Diplomatic Council as new member. The solemn inauguration took place within the framework of the Salon Diplomatique et Economique in the presence of more than 80 invited guests. The Ambassador of Thailand proudly received the admission certificate and the DC Status Card Gold on Ribbon, so as to wear it on his lapel and thereby showing his affiliation with the Diplomatic Council at the highest rank.

Diplomatic Focus joins the Dipomatic Council

The international magazine Diplomatic Focus, particularly popular in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as Great Britain, has joined the partner network of the Diplomatic Council.

Last year, the renowned magazine published a five-page Cover Story on the Diplomatic Council, featuring a detailed Interview with DC Business Ambassador und DC Commissioner for UN Affairs Jamal A. Qaiser. In this context, Jamal Qaiser a perspicacious insight into the actual global situation and called for urgent action. In the meantime, he presented the DC Peace Paper at the UN General Assembly in New York intended to serve as a procedural guideline, constituting, inter alia, a solid foundation for the activities of the Diplomatic Council in terms of security issues.

DC Global Media Innovator Board 2018 established

Once per year the Diplomatic Council Global Media Innovator recognizes the company that has the greatest influence on the advancement of the digital world society. The winner is carefully selected by a top-class Board made up of international and independent media and IT experts. Now the 2018 board members have been named.

GS Global Investments with 5 bil € for infrastructure projects

GS Global Investments, corporate member of the Diplomatic Council, has launched a program promoting infrastructure projects. DC corporate members proposing potential financing projects and/or connections to high level governmental officials should address the General Secretariat of the Diplomatic Council. The same applies to other investors seeking to identify specific projects. Last year, the project volume “routed” by the Diplomatic Council amounted to more than 1 billion euros. Key areas were real estate and infrastructure projects as well as company holdings.

Dr. Michael Fuchs first digitalization expert of the Diplomatic Council

Dr. Michael Fuchs is the first digitalization expert certified by the Diplomatic Council Otto Schell Institute for Digital Transformation (DCOS Institute). The former SAP Top-Manager and actual strategy consultant on the SAP-market can therefore be considered a pioneer with regard to the new seal of quality „Trusted Advisor“, which is awarded by the DCOS Institute.

Diplomatic Council

The Diplomatic Council (DC) is a United Nations (UN) accredited, global Think Tank founded with the objective to serve as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society.

A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors for peace. As members the Diplomatic Council welcomes not solely representatives of the diplomatic or consular corps but also personalities from industry, politics, society, culture and sports. The DC network encompasses more than 5000 personalities worldwide.

The main aim of the Diplomatic Council is to contribute the combined power of diplomacy and business for peace everywhere on earth. Worldwide cooperation is the only instrument which may help in solving international problems on any level: economical, social, cultural or humanitarian.

The Diplomatic Council is a United Nations registered Civil Society Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and shall follow the principles of the charter of the United Nations Organization. The respect of human rights and fundamental freedom of people without differentiation in races, gender or religion should be cultivated and strengthened. The Diplomatic Council belongs to the “integrated Civil Society Organizations” (iCSO) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) which is responsible for the interaction between civil society organizations like the Diplomatic Council and the United Nations Organization.