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Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft wird neuer Partner des Diplomatic Council

Swiss Informatics Society and DC partner

The Swiss Informatics Society SI has entered into a partnership with the Diplomatic Council. The collaboration will focus on the DC Forums Internet of Things (IoT) and the Fourth Industrial Revolution as well as IT and Information Society. SI is the largest informatics society in Switzerland. The SI represents the computer science profession in Switzerland: professionals with a university degree or equivalent qualification, educational and research institutes, and companies that contribute to computer science. It networks its members and represents their interests in politics, education, business and research.


DC supports UNICEF

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has granted the Diplomatic Council the right to participate in the UNICEF Executive Board Meetings and make oral and written statements to the Executive Board. “We are driven by a strong desire to support and protect children and their rights. Hence, we welcome the opportunity to become actively involved in the work of UNICEF”, says Thorsten Nowak, DC Commissioner for UN Affairs and Chairman of the DC Safer Internet for Children Initiative. Back in May he presented this Initiative to the UN Vienna at a side event.

DC Business Ambassador Jens Murlowski & DC Secretary General Hang Nguyen

Jens Murlowski becomes DC Business Ambassador

The Diplomatic Council has named Jens Murlowski its new DC Business Ambassador. The Business Ambassador represents the highest civil society ranking and enjoys the same status as the accredited ambassadors who are guiding the Diplomatic Council.

Jens Murlowski has undergone the hardest security training possible at German security agencies and the Israel International Security School and has received his diploma as a “VIP Protection Officer”. Already at the beginning of this career, he performed personal protection for high-ranking dignitaries: politicians, diplomats, leaders from business, sports, culture and show business, stars and celebrities.

DC Business Ambassador Dr. Thomas Durchlaub, Chairman DC Global Compliance Forum, Diplomatic Council Chief Compliance Officer

DC Global Compliance Forum

The Diplomatic Council, a global think in consultative status with the United Nations, has established the DC Global Compliance Forum and appointed Dr. Thomas Durchlaub its Chief Compliance Officer. Dr. Thomas Durchlaub is a lawyer, specialist lawyer for tax law, notary, certified auditor, compliance officer, compliance auditor und money laundering prevention officer and the newly appointed Chief Compliance Officer of the Diplomatic Council.

The new forum has its focus on combating transitional organized crime, in particular in the fields of tax evasion, corruption and money laundering which – starting with the attacks on September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center – serves as a means to end terrorist financing. The forum also provides support to enterprises in developing and adhering to compliance rules and protecting themselves against risks. Chairman of the DC Global Compliance Forum, Dr. Thomas Durchlaub also holds the position of a DC Business Ambassador.


New DC Missions in Italy

DC Missions in Rome and Padua (Venice) The Diplomatic Council is pleased to announce two new DC Missions in Italy to be headquartered in Rome at the Palazzo Valadier and in Padua close to Venice. Dr. Bolognini, one of the most renowned auditors in Italy with international orientation, is appointed new head of mission. Dr. […]

Diplomatic Council Delegation @ United Nations General Assembly 2016 in New York

United Nations General Assembly 2016

DC at UN General Assembly in New York On 19 September 2016, the UN General Assembly has hosted a High-level Meeting at UN Headquarters in New York to address large movements of refugees and migrants, with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more human and coordinated approach. The Diplomatic Council was represented by DC […]

Diplomatic Council

The Diplomatic Council (DC) is a United Nations (UN) accredited, global Think Tank founded with the objective to serve as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society.

A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors for peace. As members the Diplomatic Council welcomes not solely representatives of the diplomatic or consular corps but also personalities from industry, politics, society, culture and sports. The DC network encompasses more than 5000 personalities worldwide.

The main aim of the Diplomatic Council is to contribute the combined power of diplomacy and business for peace everywhere on earth. Worldwide cooperation is the only instrument which may help in solving international problems on any level: economical, social, cultural or humanitarian.

The Diplomatic Council is a United Nations registered Civil Society Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and shall follow the principles of the charter of the United Nations Organization. The respect of human rights and fundamental freedom of people without differentiation in races, gender or religion should be cultivated and strengthened. The Diplomatic Council belongs to the “integrated Civil Society Organizations” (iCSO) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) which is responsible for the interaction between civil society organizations like the Diplomatic Council and the United Nations Organization.