Geneva Peace Week
Health for Peace - Geneva Peace Week

For the second time the Dipomatic Council will be carrying out an official side event at the Geneva Peace Week (GPW) on November 7th in Geneva. This year´s event is a premiere and will be organized in cooperation with the World Federation for Mental Health and World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations. The three Organisations will cover the following topics: 

Health for Peace: Resources to Support Your Work in Peacebuilding

The mental and physical health fields offer many effective avenues for fostering dialogue and peace. This session presents three broad examples:

1) how negative psychological tactics of domination, devaluation, confusion, and fear disrupt peace, development, and health care for individuals and groups;  

2) how concepts from the multi-disciplinary field of Peace Psychology are relevant for colleagues across sectors (cognitive dissonance, active bystanders, and psychosocial dynamics of entrenched conflicts); and

3) how health professionals can promote change and dialogue by better understanding how mental health interventions may help populations affected by conflict regain confidence in the health system and by extension in society and the state at large. 

Presenters are Dr. Andrew Chi and Albert Frantz, both Diplomatic Council members, as well as Dr. Kelly O’Donnell (World Federation for Mental Health) and Guillaume Simonian (World Health Organization). Moderator is Hang Nguyen, Dipomatic Council Secretary General. 

Bios of speakers: 

Dr. Andrew Chi is a former psychiatrist who trained and worked at Tufts, Harvard, and Dartmouth medical schools. He is a life coach and executive coach in New York and is the founder of an innovative model and educational platform for societal coaching. 

Albert Frantz is a concert pianist, Fulbright Scholar, Bösendorfer Artist, Ironman triathlete and is among the most frequent contributors to the TEDx platform. A documentary about his life and work was released in 2015. In October 2016, Albert was the cover story for Toastmaster Magazine in 142 countries. He is Head of Mission, Vienna, for the Diplomatic Council and speaks on issues of human rights and social justice.

Dr. Kelly O’Donnell is a consulting psychologist working across sectors in the areas of staff wellbeing, global mental health, peace psychology, and anti-corruption. He is the CEO of Member Care Associates and a representative of the World Federation for Mental Health to the United Nations. mcaresourcesatgmail [dot] com

Guillaume Simonian, Interagency Lead, Humanitarian Policy and Guidance, in WHO’s Health Emergencies programme (WHE). 



Diplomatic Council is a unique organization with consultative status to the United Nations combining a global think tank, a world-leading business network and a charitable foundation. Our members gain access to a global network of leaders from the highest levels of diplomacy, business and social change.

World Federation for Mental Health is an international membership organization founded in 1948 to advance, among all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the proper treatment and care of those with such disorders, and  the promotion of mental health (

World Health Organization/Health Emergencies Programme. 



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