Diplomatic Council Founding Members
The 2019 Strategy Statement

The 2019 Diplomatic Council Founders Strategy Workshop was held in a family-style atmosphere in Paris. The three Co-Founders Hang Nguyen, Ambassador Buddhi Athauda and Andreas Dripke come together every year before christmas to discuss next year`s strategy. A cornerstone of the 2019 strategy will be the focus on economic diplomacy.

Economic Diplomacy is needed

Ambassador Buddhi Athauda, Diplomatic Council Co-Founder and Founding President, explains: „Looking at mankind´s challenges it becomes obvious that an organization like the Diplomatic Council bridging diplomacy and economy is more needed than ever before. We feel well prepared to fulfill this need and strive for a bright future having more well-respected ambassador members and trusted corporate members than ever before, more thought leadership, more cooperation partners, more credibility, more influence and a more global network and supporting more charitable projects than ever before. We wish to thank all our members and supporters who help us make this world a better place.“

Co-Founder Hang Nguyen, who serves as Secretary General, says: „Economy has to serve mankind, not the other way around. We have to make sure that whatever we do it is not just for our own well-being, but also to help those who are less privileged.“

Executive Chairman Andreas Dripke adds „There would be no  Diplomatic Council without Hang Nguyen and Ambassador Buddhi Athauda. We are grateful both of them dedicate their valuable time and thoughts to lead our organisation ever since it was founded. We are looking forward to develop the Diplomatic Council further in the next decades with the enthusiastic support of Ambassador Buddhi Athauda`s great leadership and the whole-hearted engagement of Hang Nguyen.“