Don Bosco Gastronomieschule i
Educational Sponsorship at Gala 2019

At the gala 2019, the Diplomatic Council will start supporting the Don Bosco gastronomy school in Vietnam. At this school, young people receive educational trainings to become a baker, cook or service person so they can earn their living. This educational training is intended for young persons from very poor families or adolescents with disabilities. Besides the training at the cooking school, these young people are also given a home in a very simple house which is financed by donations.

There are around 110 young women and men currently living and learning at this school. In light of the touristic boom in Vietnam, this educational training provides a unique chance to the adolescents to find a good job and make their living – a chance they would not have without this project. 

As part of our Educational Sponsorship Program, the Diplomatic Council will introduce this project at the gala and support it with a donation.