Claude Piel
Claude Piel
Business Consul

Business Consul M.A. Claude Piel is characterized by her global mindset driven by respect, curiosity, peace and wealth. She is aware of and open to diversity across cultures and markets on both global and local levels. As a visionary, she is not only able to develop, and implement concepts independently of a single country, culture, or context. For her analysis combines time, space and emotional interconnections in order to manage uncertainty, clear out tension, and create a peaceful and wealthy outcome.

Mrs. Claude Piel postgraduate in Politics, Journalism and Laws at Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany after a L.L.B. and a M.A. in Information and Development at Panthéon-Assas University Paris in France. She still has this French accent, an unconditional love for France, and a special attachment to Europe that are a great enrichment for our global think tank. She worked at Radio France Internationale, Schott Glas, ARTE Television, Ford Business TV, and in crisis areas towards Peace and Reconciliation at an international organization active in more than 140 countries. Mrs. Claude Piel was recently responsible editor of a bimonthly publication in eight languages distributed in 27 countries with a circulation of one million copies. She is today is an internationally recognized author, moderator, and television producer.

As Diplomatic Council Business Consul for Diplomacy and Peace Mrs. Claude Piel's priority is to work on sustainable Peace through Diplomacy. She will first of all join forces with all members diplomats and business leaders within the Diplomatic Council to achieve together higher expertise for diplomacy and peace in order to serve the overall goals of the United Nations. All over the world numerous current and future Diplomatic Council diplomats work on highly sensitive, demanding, and multiple tasks for the well-being of their fellow citizens as well as building good business relations with local and global business leaders. Diplomats are on a regular basis moved to other location and need a proactive and highly experienced support to further build their network of business partners and thus work toward sustainable peace.