DCISE has been established

The Diplomatic Council (DC) has established the Global Committee for Innovation, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship + Education (DCISE). Dato Steve Cheah has been promoted as the Chairman of DCISE. He receives support from the the Diplomatic Council Mission Board CLMTV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam).

This committee aims to bring together thought leaders, experts, and visionaries from various fields to drive positive change and progress in innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship on a global scale. The committee's objectives and mission reflect its name and overarching goals: foster innovation through cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange; promote sustainable practices and initiatives that contribute to the global well-being; empower entrepreneurs by providing a supportive platform for networking, mentorship, and resource sharing. The DCISE mission is to unite diverse talents from across the globe under the Diplomatic Council's auspices. The Global Committee for Innovation, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship + Education is committed to advancing transformative ideas, sustainable practices, and entrepreneurial and educational endeavors that drive positive global impact.

Partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN)

DCISE is based on a close cooperation between the Diplomatic Council and GEN Thailand Company Limited, affiliated with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). With activities in 200 countries GEN is a perfect fit to the global Diplomatic Council network which operates under UN Consultative Status. DC members from around the world will benefit from this expanded network.

Scope of work

The scope of work includes Facilitating collaborative projects, workshops, and seminars to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas and technologies; identifying and promoting sustainable practices, advocating for environmental responsibility, and supporting projects that address climate change, resource conservation, and social impact. Entrepreneurial support includes organizing networking events, mentoring programs, and knowledge-sharing platforms to nurture aspiring entrepreneurial activities and education to promote inclusive economy engaging youth in entrepreneurial mindset education, cultural exchanges and SDG activities

Global reach

DCISE operations & activities are designed to support the Diplomatic Council and its Heads of Mission all around the world. The local DCISE committee will align their activities with those of the country’s missions. In all cases the Global DCISE committee will drive activities according to the Diplomat Council code of ethics.

Further Information