Hang Nguyen
A Message from Hang Nguyen

Dear Members!

The world as we know it has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. We are at war with an enemy, invisible yet extremely dangerous and it has already claimed thousands of victims around the world. The virus is destroying global economies and livelihoods leaving millions and millions of people without jobs and income.

It has taken away a grandmother, a grandfather, a mother, a father and in some cases a son or a daughter. Those who do not mourn a person, are separated from their beloved ones for an indefinite time.

It causes fear, insecurity and desperation with regards to our future. It shatters dreams and ambitions. It causes human tragedies in our world community.

This is an unprecedented situation and despite the terrible circumstance we must not lose hope and confidence in our ability to overcome the crisis. This is a unique situation because it is the first time in history of mankind that all people from all races, all religions and all cultures are united in the common fight against ONE enemy.

This is the time to stand together side by side in solidarity and fraternity. And in past dark days we have seen a lot of it. French patients are being treated in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Italian hospitals are supported by Russian and Cuban doctors and nurses. Chinese companies are donating medical supplies to Belgian clinics.

Doctors, nurses and medical employees are risking their health to save lives. Supermarket staff are working hard to make sure we have enough to eat. Young people are buying food and beverages for their elderly neighbors. In all countries around the globe, people are turning to each other, comforting one another giving hope and confidence. We may be separated physically and socially but in our hearts we are united.

This is the time to cease all wars.

This is the time destroy all weapons.

This is the time to concentrate all our forces to fight the common enemy!

Hang Nguyen, Secretary General Diplomatic Council

Together we are stronger and together we will defeat this enemy!