Rob Heijtink
New DC Mission Netherlands

The Diplomatic Council has established a new DC Mission in the Netherlands. Rob Heijtink has been appointed Head of Mission. He is probably already known to many members through his work as Chairman of the DC Global E-Mobility Forum.

Rob Heijtink has been actively involved in the Diplomatic Council for well over ten years. He was one of the earliest members to join the think tank, which was founded in 2012 in the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands.

E-TukTuks for the environment and the climate

One of its flagship projects at the Diplomatic Counci is the production and market launch of e-TukTuks in Sri Lanka, the home country of DC founder Ambassador Buddhi Athauda. The e-rickshaws with electric motors are replacing the roaring and smelly tuk-tuks with combustion engines in the island republic. The project was characterized by numerous technical, economic and regulatory challenges. The necessary permits had to be obtained from the government, a production facility had to be put into operation on site, a functioning charging infrastructure had to be set up and the e-rickshaws had to be made affordable for local micro-entrepreneurs.

The project, which took around ten years to complete, is exemplary of international cooperation in the Diplomatic Council, which on the one hand represents a great economic success and on the other hand does something good, in this case for the benefit of the environment and thus also climate protection in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

E-ZR PWER Hubs in Sri Lanka (for starters)

Another flagship project worth mentioning, also in Sri Lanka, Colombo area, is establishing a charging network with  E-ZR PWER Hubs: Solar panels on the roof, Battery Swapping System outside and selling e-scooters/ E-rollers. Four  E-ZR PWER Hubs have been opened so far and a rapid expansion is planned. The  goal is to let the locals be a co-owner of these PWER Hubs and the proceeds will flow back in the local community.

Transition from prosperity to well-being

Rob Heijtink is involved in the foundation for the same reasons. Its goal is the transition from prosperity to well-being by stimulating all the underlying transformations. The focus is on the areas of energy, mobility, food, health, social affairs, art and finance. This focus is a perfect match for the Diplomatic Council and the wide range of contacts it provides will benefit all DC members.

DC event at the World Port Days in Roterdam

The new DC Head of Mission Netherlands Rob Heijtink is planning a Diplomatic Council event as part of the World Port Days, which will take place in Rotterdam from September 6 to 8. More details will be announced soon.