Felix Zuckschwerdt
New DC Mission South/East Africa

The Diplomatic Council has expanded its global reach with a new mission for South and East Africa. Felix Zuckschwerdt, who is based in Mauritius, has been appointed Head of Mission. He is a recognised expert in the field of transformation projects in the technology and energy sector.

Felix Zuckschwerdt began his career as an IT expert at the investment bank Goldman Sachs. His next career step brought him into the IT security industry working for the international service provider Sophos. As Director of Project Management, he helped spearheading international banking teams to transform complex IT systems at flatex Degiro Bank AG. Other international positions included IT and strategy consultant positions at technology and financial companies in the healthcare sector.

Felix Zuckschwerdt is co-founder of Saint Exupery Int. School in Mauritius, an innovative learner-centred bilingual private school with French accreditation Label France Education. He is the founder of Carbonoz , a group of international solar installers. Carbonoz offers project consulting services as well as a data platform for renewable energy projects for performance monitoring and control of small to medium sized installations.

With his constant presence in East and South Africa and his many years of experience on the international stage, he is a great asset to the Diplomatic Council.