The Battle for Water
UN Water Side Event March 20

Diplomatic Council and Well:Fair Foundation Joint Event

Monday, March 20, 14:00-15:30 CET time (9:00-10-30 EDT)


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Session title: Why Water is a vital prerequisite for global peace and stability and the life-changing impact of access to WASH

14:00 Topic: Why Water is a vital prerequisite for global peace and stability

Speaker: Claude Piel, author of the book „The Battle for Water: The Challenge of the 21st Century“

14:30 Topic: The life-changing impact of access to WASH*

Speaker: Neven Subotic and Shari Malzahn, Founder and Board Member of Well:Fair Foundation

Water is the basis of all life. Although a good 70 percent of our blue planet is covered by water, only three percent of it is drinkable freshwater, of which only a third is usable by humans. Since the 1960s, global water consumption has doubled, but resources have not grown with it. Some two billion people around the world already lack regular access to clean water. Global warming caused by climate change and the simultaneous growth of the world's population will lead to a dramatic worsening of the situation. Water will become an increasingly scarce resource in the future: A quarter of the world's population is threatened by acute water shortages. In addition, agriculture cannot exist without water, which means that famine is imminent. "Water stress" is a cause of hunger, conflicts and migration. Claude Piel, international moderator, journalist and book author, precisely analyzes what it means for us if we do not succeed in solving the "water problem". At the same time, she shows ways how a worldwide water supply can be ensured in the future.

* WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is a project to give people access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. This is not only the basis for a healthy life, but also for a self-determined life. We build wells and sanitary facilities for the people in the mentioned project regions. This has a direct positive effect on education: Children attend school instead of transporting water for miles from remote water points. With over 400 WASH Projects with local NGOs in the past ten years we have granted access to safe drinking water for close to 200.000 people.


This event is a side event to the UN 2023 Water Conference (UN Headquarters March 22-24).

Virtual Events (March March 18-26).